Dec 31 2008

At least the year is nearly over

Mr Stuff

Eor and Jac got back from being away for most of December yesterday so we wandered round and had some lovely salmon, hmm tasty. I had a little bit of wine and 2 little beers, didn’t feel too bad when we wandered home. Then I went to bed and it all went a bit wrong.

As soon as I was lying down the nausea got worse, then a bit of pain. So after about 20 minutes in bed I got up. I watched some truly awful TV involving the Jackass guys taking over MTV for 24 hours. Mrs Stuff got up to go to the loo at about 5 or 6 and I was awake then, but think I may have been dozing off. Then the next thing I knew it was 8 and my neck hurt, so I must have slept for at least 2 hours.

Given my lack of sleep there is a good chance I’m not going out tonight, not that I have much to celebrate at the mo. And to be honest tomorrow is just another day for me. So I’ll probly go to bed at about 10 or so and make sure my text alert is set to silent but keep the ringer in case anyone really needs to get in touch. But if anyone does phone me tonight just to wish me a happy new year then I will not be happy.

I’ve also added a day counter to the header of the blog, so I don’t have to keep count all by myself

Dec 29 2008

Tip Top Top Gear

Mr Stuff

If you didn’t see the Top Gear Vietnam special then you need to go to the BBC iplayer and watch it. Great stuff.

I won’t spoil it for any of you that haven’t seen it, but it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time

Dec 29 2008

Happy birthday to pain

Mr Stuff

Well 1 year ago today I had what I thought was a stomach ache, which turned out to be my gall bladder being inflamed and there’s been abdominal pain and nausea ever since.

Not sure what I’ll do to celebrate it yet but it may involve bacon sandwiches, or Mrs Stuff has offered to make me pancakes. I’ll have to see how I feel

Dec 28 2008

Boo, bah and humph

Mr Stuff

Last night was my first night in a few weeks with no sleeping tablet and it didn’t go well. I went to bed at about 11 ish and tried to sleep but gave up at about 2.30, I think I may have had an hour or so sleep but not sure. So again I am up at 2.30. Lots of bah.

To make it all worse all of this happened when Mrs Stuff was out, so by the time she got back I had been to bed, given up and got up again. She was sympathetic and a bit chatty having been out drinking with the Guildhall guys and had some booze.

I’m not sure if the not being able to sleep is because I’ve stopped the sleeping pills or just one of those things but I’ll up my horse tranquiliser dose for a few days to see if that helps. I’ll see if I feel sleepy later and maybe have a snooze but since laying down gave me more pain and a headache I may just sleep sitting on the sofa. We’ll see how it goes.

Dec 27 2008

What’s up with Kerrang!

Mr Stuff

Mrs Stuff wanted to watch some music TV so we put Kerrang! on as they had the ‘100 most almighty rock ballads’ and as we tuned in they showed No 85 which was Pure Morning by Placebo, great track. Then a forgettable 84 and No 83 was Bohemian Rhapsody??? Number 83 you say.
No 82 was Good Charlotte with something forgettable
No 81 was Seether featuring Amy Lee, not heard it before and won’t miss it.
No 80 was Feeder, again not that great.

I’m sure that last time I looked Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the rock greats of all time.

If you’re going to do almighty rock ballads you need Bohemian Rhapsody, Here I go Again and November Rain in your top ten.
Job done…

Dec 26 2008

Actually Xmas was quite good

Mr Stuff

When I woke up yesterday morning I wasn’t feeling too bad, so decided to give Xmas a go. We wandered to the pub to meet up with folk at about 12.30, after a few medicinal sherries at home. When we got there the landlords bought our drinks for us, which was very nice of them especially considering they had given Mrs Stuff the biggest sherry I’d ever seen.

There are the pub to greet us was Bella, Tabz N’ Dunx and Jo2 with their baby Eve. We had a good chat with folk and then wandered back to Dunx’s place via our house to get some wine. The walking had made me feel a bit queasy but I’ve had worse. When we got there they opened a fine bottle of champagne which I passed on deciding to have some cola instead, and then followed much preparation and some wine drinking before the food was ready, not feeling too bad I went for it.

There was some lovely duck and all the traditional veg, all of which was lovely. I had a small plate of food followed by seconds of a smaller plate of food, all in all about half the amount of food I would normally eat. Then we retired to the front room for TV and more wine, and I was still feeling OK. I even started ranting when the Xmas Doctor Who episode turned out to be “a bag of cock” and there was much celebration to my rant.

Then we had to go home as I needed to take my prescriptions, and I’m not taking my horse tranquilisers anywhere but here as I get too wobbly. But all in all a great fun day with great company and I really enjoyed it. I paid for it at 5 this morning when I woke in some pain, but it was worth it.

I’m not sure if it was because psychologically I wanted Mrs Stuff to have a great day or having company but it was a rare good day for me and I started to feel like my old self for a little while. Back to feeling crappy today though :(

Dec 26 2008

Gotta love a nicely written sign

Mr Stuff

While wandering yesterday we came across this lovely sign outside a pub, had to take a pic of course.


That then got me thinking about another sign that I saw in town ages ago that made me smile.


Dec 24 2008

Sucks to be me

Mr Stuff

I was chatting to someone a while ago and they jokingly said that it sucks to be me, and how true that is.

Last night was a good evening, which makes a change, my good friend Bella came over and we watched the latest Batman film, awesome film. I was a little sleepy from the early morning but made it through the film without falling asleep, we then had a good chat about stuff but because I was sleepy and full of meds I don’t remember any of it. Then I slept for the best part of 12 hours.

Then this morning I have a letter from the hospital saying that I have a gastroscopy booked for the 7th Jan and there is a list of prescriptions I need to stop taking 2 weeks before. This list includes proton pump inhibitors like, for example, Lansoprazole which is the med that the gastoenterologist prescribed for me. So I have to take a 2 week break in the middle of the 4 weeks I am taking it which is going to screw up any results or improvement. Cock.

So it’s Xmas eve and I feel that even the Grinch was full of Xmas spirit compared to me. I have to stop taking the meds that my medical team (makes me sound more important if I call them my team) have suggested, beer has turned on me, and I am 5 days away from my 1 year illness anniversary.

So in conclusion, sucks to be me, isn’t that right JD? And less victory dancing sir.

Dec 23 2008

Another early start

Mr Stuff

Last night I had a few beers, yeah I know I shouldn’t drink on all the prescriptions I’m on but can you really say I don’t deserve a beer after the year I’m having, and we had a curry sauce that I’ve had before with no ill effect. We also popped round to see Mrs Buurd, which was nice, and by the time I got home I was tired and didn’t have a sleeping tablet. All of which got me up at 3am this morning.

I initially woke up at about 2.30 but it was about 3 when I got up. As usual the TV choices were shocking at best so I watched a film and played my games for a bit. I’m already fairly sleepy having only had 3 hours sleep so I may have to have a snooze later or just drink a lot of coffee.

Dec 22 2008

Things can only get better

Mr Stuff

After a fairly uneventful weekend I was quite pleased to get to sleep last night but it was a restless night of sleep, I woke quite a few times and at one point didn’t know where I was when I woke up. We have a blackout blind in the bedroom to stop the morning sun from shining on our faces, but at night it is pretty much pitch black. So I woke up and couldn’t see anything, Mrs Stuff had put a book in front of the clock radio so I couldn’t see that, and genuinely didn’t know where I was. It is a really unpleasant feeling. So now my sleep is turning against me, which is bad.

As I mentioned the other day all the days are blurring into one and they are, but even worse I now spend all day waiting for it to be time to sleep. I get up in the morning and try to find stuff that will distract me until I can go to sleep, cos the next day may be better. I’m not enjoying any TV really at the mo, and I just play games to fill the time rather than to enjoy them.

As you can tell I’m at a bit of a low point at the mo, but am reading Yes Man by Danny Wallace to try and cheer me up. Not working so far