Jan 31 2009

I’ve reached day 400

Mr Stuff

So today marks my 400th day of being ill and it sucks. I can’t explain enough just how demoralising it is to reach 400 days with no progress and no diagnosis. I feel a bit like an NHS experiment since they are just trying new prescriptions to see if they work or not.

The reduction in coffee is helping me to get to sleep but I am still waking up during the night in discomfort, I nearly got up at 4am this morning.


Jan 30 2009

An interesting visit to the doctor

Mr Stuff

I saw my doctor today and he was quite surprised to find that the Ondansetron made me feel worse since it shouldn’t have done. So we chatted about that for a bit and went over the whole history of it again and I mentioned that I had filed a complaint at the General that my medical notes aren’t complete and was missing the results of my first ultrasound that showed my inflamed gall bladder. When I mentioned this he said about the inflamed gall bladder “So we only have your word for it” which was quite unsettling. I mentioned that the doctors followed it up and it is why I was seeing a surgeon as a consultant for the first half of last year, but it kind of showed that he didn’t trust me.

Not really sure what to make of it but he has signed me off for another 2 months and re-stocked my prescriptions so we’ll see if my gastroenterologist has more to offer next week.

Jan 28 2009

My busy week so far

Mr Stuff

For me it’s been a busy week so far which in a way is nice as it keeps me busy, but on the other hand I’ve had to do a lot of travelling around town which makes me feel bad.

On Monday I had to go to the General to see my dietician, already posted about that and whatever she says I still think that 2 bags of Hula Hoops can be considered a meal.

Tuesday was waiting for the Sky man to turn up, which he did, looked at my Sky+ box and decided it was indeed broken. So I now have a new (to me) re-conditioned box exactly the same as the old one except it works properly. Yeah I know there was no travelling involved but it was more exciting than my normal day. I also paid the Tax Man (Booooo) a bucket load of cash which wipes out the rest of my savings.

This morning I had a Pathways to Work interview at the Job Center, which involved me getting into town. So I got a bus to get me into town early so I had time to wander to the Job Center and got there about 10 minutes before my interview. I was feeling a bit rough so had bought myself a bottle of water which I (mistakenly) thought might make me feel better. I was told to go to the third floor for my interview so I did, handed the letter in and sat down to wait.

After about 5 minutes my name was called out, good I thought not a bad wait, but no I was told that the person who was meant to see me was off sick so I had to re-schedule the appointment. Back to the ground floor was I where I was placed in front of a phone so I could re-schedule and the conversation went something like this.

“Hi I’d like to re-schedule a Pathways to Work interview”
“Are you calling from the Job Center”
“I’m on the ground floor”
“So am I, can you wave”

I waved and caught the attention of the woman on the phone, so we chatted and she wandered off with my appointment letter. Some 20 minutes later I was told to go back up to the third floor were I would be seen as soon as there was availability. Back up the stairs did I go and only waited for another 5 minutes or so before being seen. The interview was a bit pointless IMO but I did it and in a few weeks I will be seen by one of their doctors who will assess me.

During this time I had not been moving much and had drunk all my water, but as soon as I left the Job Center and started walking the water decided to have a go. I felt as if I had drunk litres of the stuff when I’d only had 75ml, bloated and nauseaus is not a good combination when walking. But I finally felt good enough to get the bus home, so I did, where I sit now. Compared to the last few weeks it has been a busy busy one so far and I still get to see my doctor on Friday.

Jan 27 2009

Dead Space: I love it

Mr Stuff


I was looking for a new game to play and had heard good things about Dead Space so I thought why not give it a try, and I’m glad I did.

It is a single player survival horror set in space. You play the part of Isaac Clarke an engineer on a ship sent after the USG Ishimura, a planet cracker mining ship, that is not responding anymore. At the start of the game you approach the ship and all the lights are out and there is no reply to your attempts to contact anyone on board. This is all explained in the initial cutscene which ends with your ship crash landing on the Ishimura, so begins the adventure where you quickly learn that the ship is heavily damaged and full of nasty guys.

One of your first missions is to fix the ship-wide tram so that you can move quickly between different areas of the ship, with each tram journey ending a chapter. The fixes you need to make are simple enough, well they would be if it wasn’t for the bad guys who are member of the crew who have been modified by something, can’t say what as it ruins the plot.

There are 7 weapons available to Isaac all of which are modified mining tools and do a good job of killing the bad guys. Each weapon has a torch which shines when you aim it, anyone who has played survival horror before know this mechanic well. The majority of the weapons are cutting tools which is a good thing because you learn that the only way to kill the enemies is to dismember them, headshots do not work in this game and if you take an enemies head off you will most likely just piss them off. You can take off arms, legs and heads and obviously taking off the legs will slow an enemy down as they slowly crawl towards you. To further help out your suit has stasis and telekinesis powers. Stasis will slow an enemy or object (used for some problem solving) and telekinesis is used to move or throw objects about (again used for problem solving).

Being in space there are zero G sections which are done really well, when you turn off the gravity in some rooms the way everything floats about is just awesome. In these sections Isaac can jump from surface to surface and is your quickest way of moving about as well as getting out of the way of danger. There are also sections where you are in space, with an air counter on the back of your suit, where the sound is muffled and very atmospheric.

I could go on for ages about how much I am enjoying this game but won’t. I’ll just say I’d rate this 10/10 and is my current vote for Game Of The Year by a long way (beating Fallout 3 by a mile because it’s so different and well executed). If you have a 360 or PS3 then get a copy and give it a try, you will be surprised at how good the game is.

Jan 26 2009

Well I saw the dietician today

Mr Stuff

And the main things she said are I need to eat more during the day and drink a lot less coffee, and in the afternoons if I need to drink coffee I should drink decaf. All things that I have already been told by other people, so maybe this time I should listen.

But I like coffee, especially on those days when I get little to no sleep when I will drink about 20 or so cups in a day but that’s mainly to keep myself awake to try and sleep properly the next night. I did buy some decaf and it doesn’t taste too bad so hopefully it won’t affect me that much.

I’ll also try and eat more during the day but that’s the tricky one since my nausea tends to dictate if I can eat or not. Which brings me onto my new funky anti-nausea tablets, so far I have been taking them for a few days and I think they actually make me feel worse, which I’m sure was not the plan.

Jan 25 2009

Bring On The Trumpets

Mr Stuff

There aren’t too many things that make me happy these days but insane teddy bear sweets are right up there. Enjoy.


Jan 23 2009

I hate relying on other people

Mr Stuff

If you are in a situation where you have to rely on other people to do stuff then they will never take it as seriously as you do, fact.

I had a call from AXA this morning, they are the ones who have my mortgage insurance, because my doctor didn’t fill the form in correctly. There is a section that says when I was first diagnosed and he just put 2007 and even though they have all my doctors contact details there in front of them they need to send the form back to me to be filled in again. Also while I was chatting to the guy I mentioned that as of December 1st I was unemployed, which means that they need to first take it as an unemployment claim because I was signed off since December 4th. Why do they make it so complicated.

So they will send the form back to me, I’ll take it to my doc next week when I see him and tell him what to put in it and I will also need to phone back AXA and tell them that it is a sickness claim not an unemployment claim and set the claim date to December 4th. All because I have to rely on other people to do stuff, and it means that they will take this months mortgage payment which they had better give me back once this is all sorted.

All I can say is arse.

Jan 21 2009

Funky new tablets have arrived

Mr Stuff

Well it only took Boots 2 days to get them but my new tablets have arrived and they are funky meltlet things. They are Ondansetron, which Mrs Stuff says sounds like a nasty Euro Pop band, and reading about them they sound funky since they reduce the activity of the vagus nerve which is the one that makes you nauseous and vomit.

Well I’m going to start them on Sunday or Monday since I need to see my doctor after I’ve had the 5 day course and I am seeing him on Friday. So let’s hope I don’t get any of the nasty side effects, the worst or which (and my personal favourite for any prescriptions I’ve taken) is temporary blindness. Tip top

Jan 20 2009

Mr Stuff 2 – Blockbuster 0

Mr Stuff

gearsofwar2I decided, after a chat with Mr Woz, that I would give Gears 2 a try. I didn’t get on with the first one but have been assured that the bit I hated isn’t in this second game. So I wandered to Blockbuster with 2 games to trade in, I was getting a bit tired of both of them, hoping that I would get a decent price for them.

Anyway while wandering around the shop I saw that it had gone back up to full price, it has been on sale for the last month at £29.99 instead of £39.99, but they had one copy out on the shelves at the sale price. Given my past history of winning with customer rights at Blockbuster (my previous win can be found here) I thought I had a good chance of getting the game at the cheaper price, and I did.

I also got £26 for the games I traded in (Quantum of Solace and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts) so in the end it cost me £4. Nice, now let’s hope it’s as good as I have been told it is :)

Jan 20 2009

I hate nausea

Mr Stuff

So last night was another of those nights where I couldn’t get to sleep because of my pesky nausea, so I haven’t slept since 11am yesterday and I’m a bit tired right now.

I am waiting for some new anti-nausea tablets but Boots seem to be having a hard time getting them ordered in which is a shame as I am preparing to take them. Apparently they are fairly hardcore, used for people undergoing chemotherapy, so I have to stop taking my domperidone and my horse tranquilisers since the combination is likely to mess with my heart. For these reasons I’m only on a 5 day dose to start with then need to check in with my doctor.

Hopefully they will do some good