Feb 28 2009

Laser pen makes for happy miss

Mr Stuff

Little pepper is currently on heat which looks a lot more distressing that it actually is. She meows a lot to attract a mate but hearing all that noise makes you think she is in discomfort. So we are trying lots of different things to try and keep her distracted until next week when we will take her to the vet to be spayed, all part of the plan to let her outside.

The best distraction we have found so far is the use of the laser pen on the slippery laminate floor, she does some awesome handbrake turns :)

Feb 26 2009

The rollercoaster continues

Mr Stuff

For the last few days I’ve been up and down all over the place, one day feeling fine and the next feeling like crap. It’s quite tiring you know and takes a lot out of me.

I’m also not looking forward to the barium meal I have booked for Monday, the procedure itself isn’t that bad, it doesn’t taste nice but I can deal with that, it’s the preparation that is the nasty bit. To quote from the letter they sent me

The success of the hospital procedure that you undergo depends on the bowel being as clear as possible

Oh yay. So on Sunday I have some nasty medicine that will make sure I am empty by Monday morning. I’ll make sure I weigh myself before and after to see just how much I have gotten rid of.

But on the good side Pepper has settled in very well now and is getting a bit more interested in outside, so we’ll need to take her to the vets in the next week or so to get her neutered and get her booster jabs. Then she will be able to go outside, once she has fully recovered from the neutering of course, and I’m really looking forward to letting her outside since she’s never been out before so it should be quite an experience for her.

Feb 23 2009

I got mad gaming skillz

Mr Stuff

gears_insaneWahey, I just beat Gears of War on insane difficulty, the hardest difficulty, on my own and I am quite pleased with the accomplishment. It wasn’t quite as satisfying as beating Ninja Gaiden II on Master Ninja but close, so I won’t be changing my gamerpic to the one I just unlocked but will keep my NG one.

Feb 22 2009

Fajitas are not my friend

Mr Stuff

Yesterday we popped round to Eor and Jac’s for some food and after much thinking it was decided that fajitas would be the food of choice for the celebration meal, we were celebrating Rumpole’s return from the vets. I was a little wary as last time I had fajitas they made me feel really bad but a solution was found, I would have fajitas with no spice mix on it.

So we wandered round after popping home to feed little Pepper and were greeted with Eor making caipirinhas. Again I was a little wary since this is the first time I’ve had spirits in a long time but they were well tasty once we got the sugar and lime mix properly sorted, if you don’t get it right you get the after taste of the rum. Then we were ready for the fajitas which were very tasty, even without the spice mix on them.

But they have struck me again, I woke at about 6 this morning, mainly being woken by Pepper who was awake and wanted to know why we weren’t. But I also felt really bad nausea, which I still have. I’ve taken all my morning tablets and they aren’t making it any better but it is eased a little by drinking nice big cups of tea. So fajitas are off my menu for the foreseeable future, which is a shame as I really like them.

I also want to point out that this wasn’t Eor’s fault, he mentioned yesterday that he hoped I would be OK since every time I go round there I get a bit broken and mention it on my blog.

Feb 19 2009

Pepper diary: day 6

Mr Stuff

Pepper is settling in very well and has become very comfortable in the house, which is great news. She will usually start her day by running around the house at 100mph bouncing off everything she can find, then she will become bouncy and jump all over the bed which I think is her way of telling us she is awake and hungry. So we give her some food and she calms down a little.The rest of the day is spent with a mix of sleeping, playing and exploring all the surfaces to see if she missed anything.

She has had a good few visitors and is unphased by them all which is ace. So we’ll leave it for another few days or so before registering her with a vet so she can be neutered and have those pesky booster jabs. But all is currently well and happy in the world of little Pepper :)

Feb 17 2009

My tumbly is grumbly :(

Mr Stuff

The antibiotics I am taking to sort out my pressure sore, flucloxacillin, are working well on the sore which is great. It has diminished in size and is healing well. But they are playing havoc with my guts.

They are making my stomach very upset and grumbly, at times it sounds like I’ve swallowed an oompah band, so I now feel even less like eating food than I did with just the nausea. I’ve woken a few times in the night because of this new problem and while it is taking my mind off my ongoing health issues it’s not pleasant. My nausea level has also risen.

But at least I have a new kitty to try and help me take my mind off it

Feb 17 2009

Pepper gallery added

Mr Stuff

I’m assuming that people will want to see lots of pictures of Pepper doing exciting things so I’ve installed a new plugin that can manage the gallery, which I will add to as I take more pictures.

The gallery can be accessed on the right side bar and I’ve also added a new page which you can get through the link at the very top of the page.

Feb 14 2009

Say hello to Pepper

Mr Stuff

The latest addition to the Stuff household has arrived and was initially very scared but we have moved her upstairs so she can get used to the house and she has perked up a lot. Here she is wandering about on the top of the futon, it’s a little blurry because she didn’t want to stop and pose for the pic.


Feb 13 2009

Surely my license fee can pay for a spellcheck

Mr Stuff

I saw this on BBC News 24 yesterday and it made me laugh


Feb 13 2009

And now I have antibiotics as well

Mr Stuff

About an hour or so after the last post my pressure sore went quite bad, I won’t go into the gory details it just went bad. So I phoned up the NHS Direct number and after chatting to them for a good while they decided that I really should see a nurse to see if I need antibiotics. My doctors didn’t have a nurse in today so I went to one of the walk in centres.

Surprisingly I only had to wait for about an hour or so and there was only the one screaming annoying kid in there, all in all not bad. Anyway they have given me some antibiotics to take and I should know if they are working or not by tomorrow morning, if not then I will need to see an emergency doctor tomorrow. So we’ll wait and see