Mar 31 2009

It’s baaack

Mr Stuff

My abdominal pain comes and goes, it is always there if I press my abdomen just below my ribs (I call it my nausea button) but it isn’t always noticeable, unlike the constant nausea. But it has decided in the last few days that it would rear it’s ugly head so I’m back to my pattern of being up at between 4 and 5 every other day, and Pepper waking us up at between 4 and 5 doesn’t help much.

So I’m back to feeling tired all the time and in a fair bit of pain most of the time, at least I have loads of co-codomol to ease it. I’m also feeling really uncomfortable in my body again, it usually happens when the pain increases, which is one of the weirdest feeling I’ve ever had and doesn’t make me any more inclined to do anything. I’m seeing my doctor again tomorrow so I’ll see if he has any more ideas and ask about getting referred to a private specialist.

I’ve got offers of things to do this week, pool and a cheesy horror video night, but I’ll really have to wait and see if I can make either.

Mar 26 2009

I’m a living in a box

Mr Stuff

It’s probably more of a bubble than a box but the title appealed to me :)

Anyway I currently live in a bubble that is roughly a 1 mile radius of my house, it includes all the shops that I need to go to and my doctors surgery, if I need to leave this bubble I feel a bit uncomfortable. So I’ve been invited to go out and play some pool this afternoon with Johnny, Woz and Niall and until today I was quite up for the idea. But now it is the day of it I feel quite anxious about it, about leaving my bubble for a few hours and I feel disgusted with myself for thinking that.

I love playing pool, as many know, and I’m quite good at it so usually the thought of going out to play some pool is very appealing to me, I’ve even been known to go there on my own and practise for a few hours during the Xmas break. But I’m not sure I can bring myself to go today. A few times I’ve made it into town to get some shopping but that is OK because I can leave whenever I want to, but this trip will involve being outside of my bubble for a few hours. I wouldn’t call it a panic attack but I think that is about as good a description as I can give, and the shame that I feel about it is only increasing the bad feelings.

I’ll see if it gets better this afternoon and I am able to go, but at the moment I’m scared stiff about going and just want to curl up on the safe sofa in a ball.

Mar 26 2009

Looks like it’s not man flu

Mr Stuff

For the last week or so, maybe 2 weeks now, I’ve been coughing a lot and had sinuses full of goo which I thought was man flu, but it looks like it’s hay fever. I don’t normally consider hay fever because I don’t get it that bad too often but it looks as though it is. I’m taking anti-histamines for it but it is so bad that I have pulled a muscle in my chest from coughing, so coughing is now very painful. Add in the additional nausea that I get from having full sinuses and I’m not doing so well at the mo. Bah

Mar 26 2009

Resi 5

Mr Stuff

Resi 5 box art

I was initially unsure about getting Resi 5 because I really didn’t like the demo, but I gave it a go since I needed something new to play and am really glad I did. It’s really good fun, especially once you unlock infinite ammo for all your guns.

I’ve played through the game on most of the difficulty levels and am now tackling the hardest difficulty, where i hit will pretty much kill you so I try not to get hit. This can be a bit tricky since you can’t move and aim your gun at the same time, you stand still and aim it about, so unlike Gears you can’t walk backwards firing rounds off into the bad guys. But once you get used to this it’s not so bad, just make sure you don’t get surrounded.

There has been much talk of the race issues surrounding the game since it is set in Africa and you control a white American shooting at black Africans but to be honest I don’t see it that way. You aren’t killing the people because of their colour or race but because of a virus outbreak, there is no hate behind the choice of enemies it was just a choice of location for the game.

So all in all it’s top fun.


if anyone wants to play co-op drop me a message on XBL Scratch that, I’ve gotten my 1000 gamerpoints and traded it while it still had a good trade in value

Mar 24 2009

She likes climbing

Mr Stuff

Yesterday afternoon I was watching some TV when I heard all sort of commotion coming from the dining room. So I wandered in looking for Pepper and was quite surprised at where I found her. No idea how she got up there but she seemed to be having a good time.

On the door

Mar 23 2009

First BBQ of the year

Mr Stuff

It was a lovely sunny weekend and Mrs Buurd decided that Saturday was the perfect day to have the first bbq of the year, and she was right. The plan was to have the bbq early so that it was all done and dusted before the sun went down and it got cold which again was a good plan.The bbq was lit at about 12.30 or so and it was a really nice day, when it started to get cold the fire pit was lit and we sat around it toasting marshmallows.

It was a really good day and I felt a bit more like myself again, maybe because of the change of surroundings, the sunny weather or perhaps the beer had something to do with it. But I had some good chats with Buurd, Kiwi and Bella. So thanks Buurd for a fine bbq.

Mar 20 2009

Going for a swander

Mr Stuff

I took a wander to the Co-op earlier and saw a bizarre sight on the way, two people were wandering along the bridge with what looked like a towel held out between them, odd I thought until I got closer. Then I realised that they were trying to herd a swan off the bridge and back to the river, as I approached them from behind (they were walking the same way as me) I decided I’d overtake but give the bird a wide berth. I did so and then wandered along a bit quicker in case it decided it would bite me in my ass, which it didn’t do. Then by the time I came out of the shop it was all over and the bird was back in the river.

But I couldn’t help but think what would have happened if a group of schoolchildren, out on a field trip, happened to wander into it’s path, we’d be knee deep in broken arms before you could blink.

I took this pic, it’s not very good quality but I didn’t want to stand too close to it as it was fairly freaked out by the traffic.

Swandering about

Mar 18 2009

Curse you man flu

Mr Stuff

As if it wasn’t bad enough I’ve had man flu for the last few days and it seems to be getting worse. Every morning I wake up to a blocked nose, blocked and full sinuses, achy joints and a bad cough which all make a well grumpy Mr Stuff. Last night I had some night nurse and I’m not sure it did much but having that and my horse tranquilisers made me very sleepy very quickly and I was quite thankful of that.

So curse you man flu *shakes fist*

Mar 14 2009

Bored, really bored

Mr Stuff

For the last few days I’ve been bored, really bored. I’ve been thinking for the last 10 minutes or so about just how to translate how I’m feeling into words and to be honest I can’t think of a way, so I’ll just bitch and moan for a few minutes to get it off my chest.

You now when you’re bored and waiting for something to happen but in the meantime you can’t think of anything to do, everything you try just doesn’t fill enough time, well that’s me all day every day at the moment. I try to search the TV for something to watch and can only find things that occupy my time for 10 – 20 mins max. I’ve played all the games I have to death and back and it’s at least 2 weeks until something I fancy playing comes out. So here I am on a Saturday night all on my own, Mrs Stuff has gone out to have a fun Sat night and all I can think of is that there is nothing that I want to do. So maybe I’ll embrace boredom as a way of life and form a new religion based upon it, at least it would keep my mind occupied.

Mar 13 2009

Friday Stuff

Mr Stuff

Our old washer dryer broke down a week or so ago, it was just making odd noises and not washing or drying anything so we’ve had to get a new one. Not being happy with the Servis machine (and I hear they’ve gone under) we went for a Bosch since Which? says they are very reliable. Today is the delivery day for it and I’m happy to say that the Comet guys delivered it at about 8.30 so it’s all set up and I can start on the mountain of washing that needs doing.It’s quite a funky little machine and has a really handy LED timer on it that tells you how much longer the cycle is going to take, which I really like.

In other news Pepper had her stitches out yesterday and the first of her jabs and is suffering a bit today. She is very lethargic and walking looks uncomfortable so I think she may also be achey. I phoned the vet and they said that’s normal and she should be back to her old self within 24-36 hours. So I’ll keep an eye on her and for today we shall both be ill and curl up into a big ball on the sofa.