May 31 2009


Mr Stuff

It’s a nice sunny weekend which is ace, lots of opportunity for a BBQ but I can’t really enjoy it that much. The post turned up yesterday morning and after my medical assessment the DWP have decided that I’m not ill enough to get benefits, ie I haven’t been diagnosed so they don’t believe I’m ill, sigh.

So tomorrow morning I have to phone them to appeal the decision and explain that they seem to have missed most of my symptoms in their conclusion.

But on the plus side I have an assessment for surgery at the RSH tomorrow so we’ll see what they reckon.

May 28 2009

A good time had by all

Mr Stuff

I did indeed make it to the pub last night and had a great time thanks to everyone that came out, it was good to see so many friends out. I tried my best to chat to as many people as I could and thanks for all the offers of beer but I was pacing myself and trying not to line drinks up since drinking quickly makes me feel very bloated and uncomfortable. But I was starting to act a bit more like my old self and that is all down to the support and friendship of everyone, so big thanks again for coming out and making me feel like I used to.

So with 2 successful pub visits under my belt now I am feeling a bit more comfortable about going out and seeing people and will try my best to make it out more, depending on how I am feeling that is.

May 27 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Mr Stuff

It’s my birthday and I’ve been up since 2am after waking in some pain, but it’s my birthday so I don’t care. I’m hoping to make it out to the pub tonight to see people which should help to cheer me up and keep me from falling asleep.

And to celebrate my birthday here are some penguins

May 26 2009

What a difference people make

Mr Stuff

I’ve had quite an up and down weekend really, on both Sunday and Monday mornings I was up at about 4am which was the down but the ups have overshadowed completely, and it’s all down to seeing people.

On Sunday I was quite sleepy for a lot of the day and felt useless (as seen in previous post) but then we went to a BBQ at Dunx’s and I perked up mainly because there were people there that I hadn’t seen in ages. It was really good to see them and I had a good chat about stuff and things with Mr Woz which made me feel kinda normal again.

Then on Monday we had Karen round again to sort the rest of the garden, at which she did a magnificent job, then a bit later Matt joined us for another BBQ. And while I still felt a bit useless it was good to have company and it made me less sleepy.

So with tomorrow being my birthday I am going to try my best to make it out to the pub at the very least so that I can again see people. BTW I’m not having a go at Mrs Stuff here, since her company is always good,  it’s just really good for me to see people that I haven’t seen in a while, I’m a very sociable animal. So let’s hope that tomorrow is going to be a good day for me so that I can make it out.

May 24 2009

At least it’s a nice day

Mr Stuff

I’ve been up since 4.15am, we’ve got Matt and Karen round doing gardening that I’m not up to doing, Mrs Stuff is varnishing the garden bench and I feel like a useless cripple, but at least it’s a nice day.

I have managed to help a little with preparing food for the BBQ we are going to later but not much more than that since I don’t seem to be much more use than that these days, which gets very annoying. I’ve also recently noticed that all of my major muscles are very tender which could mean that I am lacking protein in my diet, my muscles are shrinking because I hardly use them or my body has decided that it wants to absorb some of my muscle mass because of my diet. So I kinda need to look into that over the next few days.

And to finish a huge thanks for Matt and Karen for helping with the gardening I’ll make sure I am there with cold drinks when needed.

May 22 2009

For tonight, on this small planet

Mr Stuff

We’re going to do the washing up

I’m bored of talking about my health today so I’m going to put up my latest fave Genius playlist which is great for doing the washing up, it’s based upon Slam by Pendulum.

Slam – Pendulum
Voodoo People (Pendulum Mix) – Prodigy
Insomnia – Faithless
Aerodynamic – Daft Punk
Hey Boy Hey Girl – Chemical Brothers
Born Slippy – Underworld
Get a Move On – Mr Scruff
Clubbed to Death – Rob D
Converting Vegetarians – Infected Mushroom
Granite – Pendulum
Mona Lisa Overdrive – Juno Reactor
God is a DJ – Faithless
Out of Space – Prodigy
In Yer Face – 808 State
Chemical Beats – Chemical Brothers
Tarantula – Pendulum
Digital Love – Daft Punk
Busy Child – Crystal Method
Mass Destruction – Faithless
Breathe – Prodigy
Spandex Man – Mr Scruff
Ebeneezer Goode – Shamen
Becoming Insane – Infected Mushroom
Propane Nightmares – Pendulum
We Come 1 – Faithless

May 22 2009

Present or lunch, Pepper decides

Mr Stuff

I was happily watching some TV when I heard Pepper come in through the cat flap and start meowing, so I called her. When she arrived in the front room it was clear that she had something in her mouth but I couldn’t see what it was. After wandering over to her I saw it was a damselfly which I thought was a nice present. I expected her to drop it for me and leave it there so I could get rid of it, but no it wasn’t a present and she then set about eating it.

Bless her little cotton socks

May 22 2009

There’s a man in my bathroom mirror

Mr Stuff

And he doesn’t look like me

It’s really weird but recently whenever I look in the mirror, mainly to shave since I’m not that vain, it looks like someone else. They have a passing resemblance to me and could be confused for me if you saw them briefly but there is something not right, and I just can’t put my finger on what that is.

I do look more gaunt that I have in ages but I don’t think it’s that since that has been ongoing for a while and it’s only in the last week that I’ve really noticed this. Needless to say I’ve checked that I was actually looking at a mirror and not watching TV, looking at a picture or looking at Pepper. Maybe it’s all part of me losing my mind or more likely the mirror needs cleaning but I’ll keep an eye on it.

May 22 2009

The worst week of the year (so far)

Mr Stuff

Again I’m up early, despite my best efforts to get back to sleep the nausea won the fight, for the fourth time this week. Add in that some of my safe foods have turned against me and you get an unhappy Mr Stuff.

The most hateful thing is that the lack of good info from my medical team means it isn’t likely to get much better, which sucks. But I can’t dwell on that otherwise my mood is likely to take a big turn for the worse, and I really don’t want to spiral into depression. So I have a new lead on a very good nutritionalist, who should be a lot more useful than my NHS dietician, and I’ll look into that later today. Also it’s my birthday next week and I’m going to try and do something for it, last year I just ignored it, as it will help to lift me.

So onwards and upwards, that or I devolve into a drooling wreck

May 21 2009

When safe turns on you

Mr Stuff

I’ve been ill for some time now and have developed a group of safe foods that have always been good to me, until now it seems.

My first safe food to get me is my trusted fish fingers. For most of last year I was living on fish fingers and oven chips and they were fine, no pain or nausea after eating them. But last Saturday Mrs Stuff wanted fish finger sandwiches for lunch so she did me some as well and after eating them I felt bloated and had some pain. I haven’t had any more since then but felt a bit bad that they had let me down.

My second safe food is a Seeds of Change organic curry sauce, it’s turned on me once before but that was when we had it as a veggie curry. But last night we had the curry sauce with some coley fillets, I like fish curry, and a cauliflower side dish (very tasty and home made by my ace Mrs) and I felt absolutely terrible after it. I had pain, nausea, bloating and my left hand really hurt (not sure if that’s linked). The really odd thing is that we had the same meal last week and I was fine. I knew I’d be up early based upon how I was feeling and here I am, up at 4.

So that doesn’t leave too many safe foods left for me and I’m not sure how much I trust them now, every time I think about them my brain just shouts “Awooga, awooga, dive dive dive” which isn’t great. Boo and bah I says