Jun 27 2009

And they called her Camouflage

Mr Stuff

It’s very important for a top tier predator to be able to become one with it’s surroundings and make use of camouflage so that it is easier to stalk prey, and little Pepper is no different. Here you can see her blending in with her environment ready to strike at anything that comes too close.

Camouflage 1Camouflage 2

Jun 26 2009

Too much too soon

Mr Stuff

I’ve been doing fairly well since the op so last night thought I’d be OK with a nice little fish curry, it’s not that strong a curry so I thought why not. But it seems that it was a bit of a mistake as I woke up at 3.30 with some fairly bad nausea. So I’m up and awake and think I’ll stick to the bland diet for another week or so.

Jun 24 2009

I can’t jump through too many more hoops

Mr Stuff

Ever since the DWP decided that I’m not ill enough to get ESA I’ve been trying to appeal it, but they don’t make it easy.

3 weeks ago I posted my appeal which didn’t turn up, so last week Mrs Stuff faxed it through but they can’t find that either. So I now have another fax number to fax it through to so Mrs Stuff did that today and hopefully it may get through this time. They just don’t want to help me, or so it seems.

I’ve also heard from someone else that their appeal was lost by the DWP, and it seems that the systems they have in place for you to contact them are archaic enough to facilitate this. I really don’t see why in this day and age I can’t email documents through to them, or have a website where I can upload the docs, but no I have to post or fax them. It’s just arse and I’m getting quite bored of jumping through all their hoops.

Jun 22 2009

The recovery continues

Mr Stuff

A week after my surgery I’m still in pain but not as much as last week, which is a definite sign of improvement. The wounds still hurt and every now and then it feels as though all the muscles in my abdomen cramp up, which really hurts.

I’m sleeping through the night pretty much every night at the mo, which is really nice. But if I need to walk anywhere I walk like a 90 year old man and after a minute or two of movement some of the wounds start to give me a burning feeling. So I’m not up for climbing trees and running through fields quite yet, but it is getting better.

I’ve set an alarm on my phone to remind me when I need to take my pain killers and the alarm can’t come round quick enough but only 2 hours and 51 minutes left.

Jun 18 2009

A funny thing happened to me at the hospital

Mr Stuff

As my prescription addled brain starts to clear I can remember something that happened on monday that made me laugh.

I was going through the admission form with the nurse and she asked me about religion, but I thought she said relation so I said “Well there’s my wife”. It made me laugh since I’m sure Mrs Stuff would like me to worship her as a deity.

Jun 17 2009

Living with the after effects

Mr Stuff

For the last few weeks since I had the consultation with the surgeon I’ve had a very rose tinted view of the surgery, thinking that it would solve everything and all would be OK. Boy has that been shattered in the last few days. I’d kinda forgotten that to get to the point that I’d know if it was OK they would have to poke 4 holes into my abdomen and fill me with gas.

The gas is my current main pain. During the op they fill my abdominal cavity with CO2 in order to make room for the operation but some of this gas gets trapped underneath the diaphragm and can take a few days to be absorbed. What this actually means is that it will settle in my muscles and cause a lot of pain. For example last night when I went to bed as soon as I lied down I could feel it settling and causing a lot of pain in my shoulders and if I turned onto my side it would settle there. It was really quite bad but fortunately I had 1 lot of painkillers left to take and they seemed to at least let me get off to sleep.

Then there are the holes in my abdomen. Everytime I use my core muscles, especially the transition from standing to sitting, I get a rush of pain, it is also really bad if I walk on uneven ground. It’s hard to find a comfortable position but when I do I make sure I stay there for as long as possible. I also can’t lift anything heavy, the heaviest I’ve done so far is a pint of squash, which severly limits anything I can do, add to that the fact that I can’t bend down to get things and you can see just how limited I am at the mo.

But hopefully it is all worth it

Jun 16 2009

The op went well

Mr Stuff

The RSH was fairly empty when we arrived there at 7.30 yesterday morning which it turns out was because a number of the people booked in for surgery hadn’t turned up yet, which turned out to be good for me. So I was shown to my bed and asked to change into their delightful gown, some really lovely disposable pants and a pair of fantastic stockings so that I didn’t get DVT. Then came the chat to the anesthesia guy, the surgeon and the nurses to get everything sorted which was when I found out that I was meant to be having surgery at 10 but because hardly anyone else was there I had the op at 8.30.

I’ve never had surgery before so was unsure of what to expect but they were really nice and explained what was what as they filled the needle in my hand with anesthetic, then my face went tingly and it was 10 o’clock. I woke up in quite a lot of pain but there was a helpful nurse there who kept giving me morphine until the pain was manageable, I was quite sleepy but was unable to get any sleep as the nurse was hassling me every 5 minutes to see how the pain was. After an hour of this they decided I was all good to go back to the ward for some more bed rest.

I was then finally allowed to have some food and drink, a tasty tuna mayo sandwich and lots of water, and proceeded to spend a few hours lying about. Mrs Stuff and Lisa turned up to say hello and see how I was doing, it was good to see people and it helped me to stay awake. The next few hours involve more pain killers and nurses checking my blood pressure, pulse and wounds which was all good fun.

Then I was given the criteria for me to leave, I had to pass a decent amount of urine in one go. The only problem was that the surgery had left me really dehydrated and it took 5 litres of water, 2 cups of tea and 4 hours before I was finally hydrated enough to leave and come home. But the problem with that was I kept waking up every hour to go for a whizz until about 5 when I got up.

So I’m now back at home, in a lot of pain and unable to do anything because it hurts so am feeling even more useless than I did before. But I’m hoping that it will help solve my mystery condition, fingers crossed and all.

Jun 13 2009

It’s nearly my perfect game

Mr Stuff

Alex Mercer - PrototypeA little while ago I was looking about for which games were being released in the next few months and came across Prototype which sounded like it was kinda fun. So I picked up a copy yesterday and have to say it’s almost my perfect game and I shall now explain why.

You play as Alex Mercer who has been infected with some kind of virus, not far enough into the story to know much more than that, but has lost his memory. He wakes up on a morgue table and goes about trying to find out what happened to him. As a result of his infection Alex has some shape-shifting abilities (which is where all the fun lies) and uses these to help him find out what is going on. The first ability you use is how to consume people  during which you take on their appearance as well as their memories and abilities, later you consume a tank driver and from then on know how to drive a tank. This is really useful since if you consume a soldier you can then wander about in their bases without anyone taking any notice of you.

But just being able to look like someone else isn’t that much fun so we’ll moe onto the better abilities. Alex can turn his hands into claws, turn one of his hands into a whip, turn his hands to stone, turn one of his hands into a blade, run up the side of buildings and glide for a limited time to name but a few, and since all of this takes place in an open world slice of New York the possibilities are endless. There are always lots of civilians and infected for you to play with whether you carry them to the top of the highest building and throw them off or run through the streets knocking them all flying with your shield (which I did for about 20 minutes after getting the shield and it was great fun).

I really liked Crackdown but thought you really needed more powers and this game delivers on that in spades. There is just too much stuff you can do for me to go through it all so here is a vid I found with 10 reasons why you need to have this game. But beware if you have small children this game may not be for them, there is a lot of violence, slicing people into pieces and bad language (I’m mainly thinking you you there Ferg because you would love this game)

Jun 10 2009

Just spoke to the RSH

Mr Stuff

I was thinking that they should have sent me through my operation details already so I phoned up the RSH to try and get it sorted, and they just called me back with the details. It seems the only time they have that is soon is Monday morning, which is good and close but annoying since Mrs Stuff doesn’t get back from Bulgaria until Monday evening. I just spoke to her and will let her know times and stuff when I know it so she can decide what to do, but most likely it won’t interrupt her trip.

Jun 9 2009

F1 on the Beeb

Mr Stuff

I kinda like F1 on and off but am not really too sure about the move to the BBC, there are a few things that just annoy me about their coverage.

  • The guy presenting it gives it a Blue Peter kinda feel, he just looks like a BP presenter, which is a bit off. He doesn’t really seem to know what he is on about most of the time, during the build up for the Turkey GP he was nearly run over by a car going down the pit lane. So they need to replace him.
  • David Coulthard spends all of his time trying to look like a bad catalogue model, not helped by the sunglasses always on his head which is a pet hate of mine. If you’re going to wear them fine, if not then put them away, but he uses them as a fashion statement and to be honest looks like a cock.
  • Don’t do your coverage in the noisiest place on the track, the pit lane. I know they are doing it to show that they have access and can grab people as they wander by but it is impossible to hear what is going on when you have cars starting up all around you.
  • I know the show is made by a British company but they are meant to be impartial so I really don’t want to sit down and watch the Jenson Button show, or the Lewis Hamilton show. There are other drivers out there so why not focus on them as well, although this point was also an issue with the ITV coverage over the last few years.

I could go on but think I’ll stop there, and thinking about it I’m really not sure why I watch it when I find the coverage so annoying.