Jul 28 2009

A most bizarre evening

Mr Stuff

Last night we were invited to go round to Eor and Buurd’s for some tasty chicken pie, and I really like chicken, so we wandered over to what was to be a most bizarre evening. After hearing the news from the surgeon earlier in the day I was feeling a little down so felt that company would be nice and in the end it was.

When we turned up the chicken pie was being constructed and was looking fine so we had a little bit of wine and a good chat. It was about then that I was hit by a really big hot flush, I’ve been having them for a while now but this was a fairly big one, at the same time Mrs Stuff was deciding whether to go to the shop or not to buy more wine. At this point she turned to me an asked me if I was OK, which I wasn’t, so I said “not really” and we all decided that going to sit down in the front room was a good idea, this is when it all went wrong.

Apparently I started to wander into the front room in a fairly funny manner, which I don’t remember, before fainting and falling over managing to miss everything I could possibly hit my head on. I then  woke up on the floor and said “Oh hello”, again not remembering, before telling everyone that they looked really tall from the floor. I remember having a cushion under my head, feeling a bit crappy and looking really pale (so they tell me), it’s the first time I think I’ve ever fainted so not surprisingly I was a little baffled.

Everyone was a little surprised, not least me, so I was given a pint of water and Eor went to the shop, and after a little while I started to feel better. I felt even better once I’d had some food but before then the second odd thing happened. Since Eor and Buurd live a few doors along on the road behind us we’d always joked that Pepper would show up in their garden at some point, which she did last night. It then didn’t take her long to work her way into the cat-flap, it’s the same as ours with the magnet and stuff. So it was quite funny for a while to see Rumps and Pooka becoming very territorial as Pepper wanders around their house, which went on for a good while.

Then we decided to go home and on the way back we bumped into Bella, not surprising since she lives across the road, who was told the entire story. At which point a kitty walked around my feet causing me to stumble, so Mrs Stuff and Bella decided I should go right inside. So we did and I went to bed, when my abdominal cramp decided to kick off big time but fortunately I still had some pain killers I could take. They seemed to sort it until now, too early in the morning, but now it’s kicked off again as well as the nausea and I’m up at 3. Arse.

Jul 27 2009

Time for plan X (or whatever letter we’re up to now)

Mr Stuff

We’ve just been for my 6 week follow up appointment with the surgery dept to see how I’m doing after the op and the new isn’t good. They feel that I should have recovered completely from the op by now but seeing as I still feel crappy it looks like the op didn’t work, so onto the next plan.

The next plan they have is vague at best and involves referring me to the chronic pain management team so that they can try to manage my symptoms. So no-one still knows what is wrong with me. They are going to write to my doctor and I have to see him in a week or so to see what the waiting time is for the referral.

Jul 24 2009

Feeling Rubbish

Mr Stuff

I’m still hopeful that the op has worked but am feeling really rubbish at the mo. I feel tired, really tired, achy and my stomach is so upset with everything I eat that my body is trying to get rid of anything I eat as fast as possible. It’s not what I need. Maybe I’ve got scare-mongering flu, who knows.

So now I’m going to have a nice big cuppa, put my feet up and see what I can find to watch.

Jul 21 2009

Wandering About

Mr Stuff

I had an invitation from Bella to go for a wander around Portswood so I decided yes I would so that I could trade in a game for some new ones, which I did, and it was a good wander. And as will be my style from now on here are the all important stats

  • Duration – 1:08:59
  • Distance – 2.53 mi
  • Average Pace – 27.17 min/mi
  • Max Pace – 5.33 min/mi
  • Steps – 3798, 55/min

As you can see it was a good wander about as we went into loads of shops but it was good to get out and about, even though it is so humid.

Jul 20 2009

Time for some stats

Mr Stuff

While looking for something to do this morning I pottered about the net looking for some nice apps to put onto my mobile and found the Nokia Sports Tracker. You can use it to track your journeys using the GPS and Nokia maps, which is nice, so I used it when I wandered to the Co-op earlier and here are the interesting stats you’re looking for.

To the Co-op

  • Duration – 10:15
  • Distance – 0.57 mi
  • Average Pace – 17.50 min/mi
  • Max Pace – 6.02 min/mi
  • Steps – 995, 97/min

From the Co-op

  • Duration – 11:23
  • Distance – 0.53 mi
  • Average Pace – 21.36 min/mi
  • Max Pace – 5.43 min/mi
  • Steps – 1066, 93/min

Now isn’t that just the most exciting thing you’ve read so far today

Jul 20 2009

Another long day

Mr Stuff

After an average weekend of feeling a bit crappy we went round to see Mrs Buurd and have some tasty thai curry, I knew going into it that there was a 50/50 chance that it would turn out bad and it did with me getting up at 3.30 this morning. Once again I’m kinda used to it so it’s not so bad.

Other than that little of any interest has really happened recently. I still get the cramps, although the frequency of them is dropping, and I feel wiped out most of the time. I’ve just got no energy to do anything or want to do anything, it currently is taking me about 20 minutes to decide whether to change the TV channel or not so I end up watching some right crap. So no light at the end of this long tunnel just yet but I’m still hopeful that it will get better soon.

Jul 16 2009

It puts the lotion on its skin

Mr Stuff

I was pottering about on one of my gaming sites the other day when I saw something that made me go oooh. There is a new CoD game coming out in November, Modern Warfare 2, and there are 3 different options for buying the game (in the US at least). The normal game, a steel-book edition and a prestige edition and it’s the prestige one that made me go oooh.

It will apparently cost around $150 or so but comes with night vision goggles and a head to put them on, how cool is that. I’ve wanted a pair of night vision goggles for some time now, not so that I can kidnap people, keep them in the dark basement I don’t have and make a suit out of them (now the title makes sense) but I want some so that I can play cards in the dark. Don’t ask me why because I can’t answer that question.

Anyway here is the link to the unboxing, enjoy it

Jul 15 2009

Death Machine

Mr Stuff

Order into chaos, the way of the world

After much trying, and she really was trying, Pepper caught herself a pigeon this morning. Mrs Stuff woke me up to tell me while she tried to separate Pepper from it and it eventually hopped off into next doors garden.

Mrs Stuff was alerted to it because there was a lot of noise at the cat flap, so it looks as though she was trying to get it into the house. Bless her killing tendencies.

P.S. I’m expecting one of my regular readers to get the blockquote at the top, come on Ferg you can’t have forgotten 😉

Jul 10 2009

Ew-Y-ew-Y-ew…Wah wah wah

Mr Stuff

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Time for another new game update. I’m currently playing Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and it’s quite top.

It’s a first person shooter set in the Wicca-Wah-Wah West and you take the roll of 2 brothers who are searching for some gold that is said to be cursed, isn’t it always. There are loads of bad guys to kill and you can choose which of the 2 brothers you want to play as for most of the game, Ray (the one on the left) being the best one since he can dual wield his guns.

I’m not going to go into great detail on the game since I can’t be arsed right now, but if you like FPS’s and you like pretending you’re a cowboy then get it. And sorry about the title but it was the best way I could think of writing the song :)

Jul 10 2009

Bad, bad, bad

Mr Stuff

Yesterday was a bad day followed by a bad night, bah.

To start with yesterday I had to go to my doctors to pick up some forms that he had to fill out for me, that they are now charging me for, which was about an hour round trip given my current walking speed. Then a bit later I was just about to scan them in when I noticed that a bit of it had not been filled in so I had to take them back to my doctors in order for him to fill in that section, another hour or so round trip. Then I had to go to my bank to sort out a few odd things on my latest statement but they couldn’t sort it there so I had to come back home and spend 25 minutes on hold before I could get it sorted. Not great when you’re feeling OK but really bad when you feel like crap.

But there was a turn for the better as Mr Eor came round for some food, his Buurd is away and we have to make sure he eats properly, so that was nice. Mrs Stuff cooked a very nice, and weak, chilli and I felt OK before I went to bed. But when I was lying down the cramps started but I managed to get to sleep within 20 minutes or so, until 3.30 this morning when I was awake and very nauseaus. So I’ve been up for a long time and am very sleepy right about now, but I am kinda used to the really early mornings. Bah