Jul 6 2009


Mr Stuff

I know there are no magic bullets or miracle cures for whatever my condition may be but I thought I’d at least start to see some improvements after the surgery by now, but nothing yet. My stomach has been very upset for the last few days and I ache like I’ve just run a marathon. I just did some washing up and it has left me weak as a kitten, I’d imagine if I was to try that Pepper would beat me at arm wrestling right now. And it’s starting to frustrate me.

I know that I am still recovering from surgery and even though it was keyhole it still involved cutting holes in me and cutting out my gall bladder, so my abdomen is still trying to sort itself out. Maybe I’m just trying to hard to see improvement and should just leave it, chill out and let my body do it’s thing but it’s hard to do that when I feel so weak and the abdominal cramps keep going.