A most bizarre evening

Mr Stuff

Last night we were invited to go round to Eor and Buurd’s for some tasty chicken pie, and I really like chicken, so we wandered over to what was to be a most bizarre evening. After hearing the news from the surgeon earlier in the day I was feeling a little down so felt that company would be nice and in the end it was.

When we turned up the chicken pie was being constructed and was looking fine so we had a little bit of wine and a good chat. It was about then that I was hit by a really big hot flush, I’ve been having them for a while now but this was a fairly big one, at the same time Mrs Stuff was deciding whether to go to the shop or not to buy more wine. At this point she turned to me an asked me if I was OK, which I wasn’t, so I said “not really” and we all decided that going to sit down in the front room was a good idea, this is when it all went wrong.

Apparently I started to wander into the front room in a fairly funny manner, which I don’t remember, before fainting and falling over managing to miss everything I could possibly hit my head on. I then  woke up on the floor and said “Oh hello”, again not remembering, before telling everyone that they looked really tall from the floor. I remember having a cushion under my head, feeling a bit crappy and looking really pale (so they tell me), it’s the first time I think I’ve ever fainted so not surprisingly I was a little baffled.

Everyone was a little surprised, not least me, so I was given a pint of water and Eor went to the shop, and after a little while I started to feel better. I felt even better once I’d had some food but before then the second odd thing happened. Since Eor and Buurd live a few doors along on the road behind us we’d always joked that Pepper would show up in their garden at some point, which she did last night. It then didn’t take her long to work her way into the cat-flap, it’s the same as ours with the magnet and stuff. So it was quite funny for a while to see Rumps and Pooka becoming very territorial as Pepper wanders around their house, which went on for a good while.

Then we decided to go home and on the way back we bumped into Bella, not surprising since she lives across the road, who was told the entire story. At which point a kitty walked around my feet causing me to stumble, so Mrs Stuff and Bella decided I should go right inside. So we did and I went to bed, when my abdominal cramp decided to kick off big time but fortunately I still had some pain killers I could take. They seemed to sort it until now, too early in the morning, but now it’s kicked off again as well as the nausea and I’m up at 3. Arse.

One Response to “A most bizarre evening”

  • Russell Says:

    Well thats all jolly weird! But I suppose its not all bad if you have acquired the ability to summon cats from at least one street away. Very odd.