Aug 29 2009


Mr Stuff


So I got me a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum and so far it is living up to the hype very well. The combat is just awesome when you get a combo flowing, jumping form bad guy to bad guy taking them down with ease. So I heartily recommend it to anyone with a 360 or PS3.

The game plot involves the Joker being caught by Batman and taken to Arkham, which by coincidence is filled with Joker’s goons transferred from another prison after a fire, which it turns out was a deliberate plan by the Joker to take over Arkham. The Joker has apparently planted bombs all around Gotham which he will detonate if anyone tries to get to the island, but you later find out that the bombs are filled with marzipan and kittens (no really), and that made me laugh. So you wander about trying your best to put the bad guys back where they belong while dealing with scores of goons. There are gadgets aplenty and a big area to wander about in, all in all a great game.

I’m only about 33% through the game so far as I’m taking my time to find some of the 240 ‘riddles’ that the Riddler has placed around the island. Some of the riddles are actual riddles that you need to solve by finding an object, while others are Riddler trophies, interviews with the enemies, maps and Arkham memories. So lots to find, and some of the interviews are awesome.

So well worth the wait and here is a pic I took after dealing with a rather nasty little sniper, he got what he deserved however painful it looks

Dealing with a sniper Batman style

Aug 27 2009

I’m the chairman of the bored

Mr Stuff

You know how you get up early and go to work thinking that it isn’t too long to the weekend, well I envy you because I’ve had very little to do for almost 9 months now and am just bored with everything at the mo. I can’t think of any films I want to watch and don’t have any games here that I desperately want to play, but it’s Batman: Arkham Asylum day tomorrow so that should hold off the boredom for at least a few days.

Aug 25 2009

I drink therefore I am

Mr Stuff

A bit concerned that is

I’ve noticed recently, as has Mrs Stuff and a few others, that I seem to be drinking too much alcohol. I haven’t been doing it deliberately as a way to escape from the symptoms but more because I’m a bit bored, which isn’t much better as an excuse to be fair. So I’m now on the wagon until at least the end of September, absolutely no alcohol at all. I’m doing it to prove to myself that I don’t have a problem, either current or emerging, and I think it will do me a lot of good.

I wasn’t drinking to excess but I was drinking beer and wine almost every day and making up all kinds of excuses to buy some more, it being a hot day and needing a cold beer for example. So I’m nipping it in the bud now.

Aug 22 2009

It’s not all doom and gloom

Mr Stuff

A while ago I was chatting to one of my mates when I was asked something so I replied “All the information is on my blog, don’t you read it?”, the answer I got staggered me a little “I don’t read it because it’s too depressing”. I was mainly staggered because this was a good friend telling me that my current situation is too depressing to know about. And again the other day someone told me that my recent posts have been a little on the depressing side. I don’t mean them to be it’s just the way it is at the mo.

The reason I set up this blog was to get all the thoughts out of my head so that they didn’t bother me anymore and sometimes they are a little on the sad side, but only because my entire life has been on hold because I’m too ill to do anything. There are days when I feel so bad I can’t do anything, days when I feel sad and days when I feel OK I just tend to mainly post on the days when I feel crappy.

But I’m trying to not let it get me down too much, whilst I am most likely clinically depressed I don’t feel that I am and try not to dwell on it. I’m trying to find ways to keep myself busy apart from vegging in front of the 360.

So why it may seem from just reading this that it’s all really bad, it’s not that bad since my Mrs Stuff is keeping very good care of me. And don’t be afraid to pop by or give me a ring sometime, just because I don’t go out very often doesn’t mean I’m not still here.

Finally sorry for the random brain dump but it was on my mind and needed to be let out. It isn’t aimed at anyone in particular just letting you guys know that I’m trying not to let it get the better of me too much.

Aug 22 2009

Be gentle, I’m feeling fragile

Mr Stuff

For a few days now I’ve been feeling very fragile with my nausea spiking if I walk anywhere, even wandering into the kitchen at home is quite unpleasant and it’s really annoying. I’m putting it down to the current spike in symptoms I’m going through and hoping that it will start to drop off soon. But I’m trying not to dwell on it, which is hard, because I know that if I do I’ll lose what’s left of my mind.

Mrs Stuff is heading off to see her dad this weekend so I’m home alone and planning on getting some DVD’s out and watching them with some mates which is a much better option than my normal daily routine of finding odd stuff on Discovery or Nat Geo while feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Aug 20 2009

Passed the 600 mark

Mr Stuff

I thought today was day 600 but it turns out if was yesterday, so I’ve now been ill for 601 days. Not surprisingly I’m quite pissed off at reaching another milestone like that but I’m still waiting for the referral from my doctor which may turn things around.

As for me I’m still the same as ever and trying to find stuff to fill my days, which gets harder each day. Ho hum

Aug 18 2009

Running like a swiss watch

Mr Stuff

So it seems I’ve hit one of those times when I’m up early every other day, which is arse. I was up early on Friday, Sunday and this morning and it really really sucks, but at least it’s consistent. Probably the most consistent thing I’ve had over the last 18 months.

Aug 14 2009

A pointless visit

Mr Stuff

So I popped to see my gastroenterologist and it really wasn’t worth the effort. He had nothing new to say, had no idea what was going on and is going to refer me to the guy that I should have been referred to 3 months ago.

2 1/2 hours travel and waiting for 5 minutes of nothing. Arse

Aug 14 2009

Another early morning and other things

Mr Stuff

So it’s early and I’m up again, bah. I’ve not been feeling too bad for most of this week, well I say not too bad it’s been fairly uncomfortable but nothing I’ve not had before. I think I’m at the peak of the sine wave that is the ebb and flow of my condition but at least I get to see my gastroenterologist again today, not that I think they’ll have much to say.

But in other news we got Pepper 6 months ago today when she was  months old, so given this is the nearest we can guestimate her birthday it is today. So little miss is 1 year old today, when I told her that earlier she ate a moth so maybe we’ll take that as being her cake :)

Lastly only 2 weeks to go until the Batman game comes out, and they keep releasing more and better trailers. It looks awesome.

Aug 10 2009

How very British

Mr Stuff

I just had a wander to the local shops to get some essentials (crisps, milk, etc) and felt terrible on the way there, while I was there and on the way back. So terrible that I was tempted to just come back home on the way there, but I persevered. So as soon as I got back I made myself a nice big cup o’ tea and it seems to be helping me feel a bit better.

Although on the way back I could feel my mind unravelling as I saw a bus go by that just said “Sorry!!!” on the front and I felt sure that it was apologising to me because I felt so bad. Damn I need to get better soon. But as a benefit of waking up early I get to watch more stuff on the documentary channels. So far today I have seen just how hard it is to cut trees down in a swamp and some scientists that seem hell bent on creating thinking robots and effectively Skynet. Why, haven’t they seen the films (apart from the 3rd one cos that’s just shite), don’t they know what will happen. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh