Oct 28 2009

The walk of retching

Mr Stuff

I needed milk and stuff yesterday so I undertook a walk to the local shop, a walk with consequences.

I started to feel a bit off while walking there but needed the bits so I persevered and when I got home I started to feel really off. Then the hot flush hit me and I was whisked away to the bathroom for 10 minutes of retching, which is a deeply unpleasant experience indeed.

For the rest of the day I was vague and warm and could only manage a plate of chips for food. Fortunately I managed to sleep OK but am still in some pain from the retching, my stomach muscles feel as if I’ve done a million sit ups, so I’m taking it easy today.

Oct 23 2009

Don’t do it like they do on the Discovery channel

Mr Stuff

I really like the Discovery and Nat Geo channels, they do a lot of things really well but there is one thing that they don’t do so well and it really annoys me. They convert all imperial measurements and speeds into metric.

Here in the UK we use a mix of imperial and metric and it works, we understand mph and feet and inches but we really don’t need it all converted into its corresponding metric equivalent. It gets really really bad when they start converting PSI, which is the standard of pressure all over the world, into kg/cm2, eh?

But they surpassed themselves last night during an episode of ‘How Do They Do It’. They were doing a piece on a really big flower warehouse in Holland and described it as 7 times bigger than the Pentagon, what? The normal way is to describe something using the standard measurements of football pitches or 747’s but why the Pentagon. I have no idea how big the Pentagon is, but I’d imagine it’s quite big, so it kinda makes the comparison meaningless. Why not tell me that it can house 20 747’s or something that I can at least visualise.

In the scheme of things it’s a small gripe but it does make me shout at the TV at times. But on the plus side they have taught me all about injection moulding, electro-magnetism and I’m currently watching a show about explosive demolition. So maybe I should forgive them this annoying trait.

Oct 22 2009

I’ve felt worse but I’ve felt better

Mr Stuff

A human seesaw to the letter

My days at the moment seem to bounce between feeling really bad and then recovering from the previous days badness, it’s not a happy cycle. But yesterday I kinda helped the process and not in a good way.

I’m very odd and particular about my tablets, always keeping the boxes in the same order so that I can take them almost without thinking about it, good when I’m really groggy in the mornings. But somehow yesterday I mixed the boxes up, so instead of taking my anti-depressant in the morning I took one of my horse tranquilisers and boy did I pay for it. My head was groggy and full of cotton wool all day, I just couldn’t do anything right. I did manage a walk up to the shops but it was an uneasy wander.

So I’m going to make sure I always put the tablets back where they should go in the future, don’t need that happening again.

Oct 19 2009

Not the best weekend

Mr Stuff

I’ve had a fairly bad weekend of feeling light headed, sick and generally terrible with yesterday being one of the worst days I remember having in a while. I’m hoping it’s not going to last long and it will all calm down for a few days since it’s quite draining to have a lot of bad days in a row.

One good thing, for my sanity at least, is that I was also looking really bad. Generally pale and not well, it was commented that I almost looked green. The reason this is a good thing is because all of my symptoms are internal so I spend a lot of time worrying that people will think I’m just making it up. I kind of know that people aren’t thinking that but that doesn’t stop my mind from thinking about it, so it’s good in a bad way that there are visible signs of my illness. Weird I know but it’s the way you get to thinking during a long term illness.

Oct 14 2009

Double take-tastic

Mr Stuff

We were invited to dine with Mrs Buurd last night now that she is back from the latest tour, so we did and very nice food it was too. But while I was there I used the little boys room and while I was washing my hands I looked in the mirror, and once again I don’t look like me.

I know it is me in the mirror, who else could it be, but I just don’t look like I thought I did. My face is very gaunt and to me looked a lot like a skull with some skin drawn tightly over it. I checked in the mirror in my bathroom when I got home and still don’t look like me, but I do if I see my reflection from a distance. It’s all very odd, as I mentioned in a post a few months ago when I first noticed this, and very disconcerting. So it looks as though I’m a little further down the road towards losing my mind then

Oct 10 2009

I bet he drove with expert timing

Mr Stuff

I’ve had a fairly uneventful week really, up early a few times, lots of pain and nausea and still got the cold, which is why I haven’t been blogging much. But something happened today that made me smile so I’ll post it.

I’m currently on cat feeding duty for Eor and Buurd so I wandered round there to catch up them and put some food down and on the way I saw a black Jaguar with the number plate J4G FU and it made me smile a lot (if you don’t get it it spells Jag Fu). So that started the song Kung Fu Fighting going through my head, which is never a bad thing.

So there you go pretty much the most exciting thing that’s happened in the last week is seeing a number plate but at least it was a good one. But it’s a shame that the number plate is taken because it would be perfect for Russ since the Jag Fu is strong in him :)

Oct 10 2009

The herd has grown

Mr Stuff

Earlier this week Mrs Badcrumble stopped by to say hello and with her was a present for me, I like presents. After she had read my blog the obvious choice of present was more elephants, and good ones too. So here is a pic of the new additions and big thanks to Mrs Badcrumble


Oct 5 2009

My other animals

Mr Stuff

The other day I put up a post about my herd of elephants well people have also been buying and bringing me fluffy animals so I took a pic of them

There’s a big orange cat that I got from Eor and Jac for looking after their big orange cat. Mrs Stuff got me the Skelephant, the purple dinosaur (that Pepper really likes) and the get well soon Eeyore. Gary the snail is from Lisa and I bought myself the Kenny.

So with all them and my herd of elephants I can’t really get that lonely here, and of course there is Pepper who is my fave :)

Fluffy Animals

Oct 5 2009


Mr Stuff

So what with Mrs Stuff being so caring and sharing she’s given me her cold. It’s a nasty little bugger too, really bad cough and very sniffly.

So for the last few days I’ve been up early because I wake up coughing and sneezing like crazy, followed by light headedness and hot and cold flushes. But I went to Boots earlier to see what I could take given the prescriptions I’m on and I have some bits and bobs that should help me to deal with it.

Darn I hate colds