Dec 29 2009

2 year anniversary

Mr Stuff

So I’ve hit another anniversary and have now been ill for 2 years.

I’ve now given up on the anti-nausea patches since the side effects were way to bad to deal with so I’ll have to see what the gastro guy suggests next.

Anyway not happy at hitting 2 years so I’m not going to say much except BUGGER…

Dec 26 2009

Bring on the side effects

Mr Stuff

Yesterday was one of the rare days where I have been up earl 2 days in a row (4am on Xmas Eve and 5am on Xmas day) so I was fairly sleepy and didn’t want to go anywhere, so I didn’t, and I think it’s all down to my new medication and the side effect I’m experiencing.

When I saw my gastro guy he suggested trying different anti-nausea drugs, more specifically ones that deal with travel sickness. So I have some new Scopoderm TTS patches which will slowly release the drug over a 72 hours period, but they are really messing with me. I have blurred vision, feel even more groggy and fuzzy and everything tastes watered down. So I’m thinking of maybe stopping them for a bit to see if the side effects wear off, then maybe take them again, not really sure.

But in better news Xan seems to be settling quite well, he and Pepper do have lots of little fights but I think that may just be trying to sort out who’s dominant. He really wants to go out but we can’t let him for a week or so, so he spends a lot of time looking out of windows.

nice view

Dec 21 2009

Tribunal says no

Mr Stuff

I had my appeal tribunal for ESA today and the outcome was not what I was expecting at all, they gave me 12 points and I needed 15 to be eligible.

Initially this annoyed me loads since I am really ill but then it kinda dawned on me why. This appeal is all based upon my initial aplication which was filled in nearly 12 months ago, and I have become worse since then but these new symptoms can’t be taken into account unless I re-apply. So I will need to re-apply with my new symptoms and see how that goes.

Bah, not the best Xmas pressie

Dec 18 2009

More tests for me

Mr Stuff

I saw my new top gastro guy this morning and it was a good visit. He asked me to go through everything from the start and made a lot of notes, throwing a few questions in along the way. At the end of that he thought that since I’ve been checked for a lot of medical problems it may well be worth looking at my nervous system as well as trying some different prescriptions.

So I’ve got a new prescription to try out when I see my doc next week and had some blood taken so they can test for some new things as well as a list of tests he wants done. The tests include an MRI to check my brain and nervous system, a tilt test (which sounds like it is guaranteed to make me vomit) and a gastric emptying to see if my stomach is working properly. He came across as very confident that he would try to exhaust all other avenues and both Mrs Stuff and I felt good as we left.

So here’s hoping he can find something good

Dec 16 2009

Xmas Present for Pepper

Mr Stuff

For a little while now Lisa has been saying that one of her cats, Xan, needs a new home and that home should be here. He is currently in Milton Keynes and is being harassed by lots of other cats and a rogue dog but her mate that is looking after him hasn’t been too up for the idea of letting him go.

Well the decision has finally been made and he will be coming to us on Xmas Eve, yay. He has a history with Pepper since they used to live together and he looked after her like a parent, so hopefully they will still get on like that, and now that Pepper is a little less hectic he will hopefully be able to put up with her playful nature.

And to show you how they used to be here is a pic of when they were living together


Dec 16 2009

Pub visit reminds me

Mr Stuff

I decided yesterday that it was likely to be the quietest night at the pub and I needed to get out, so I went. I had posted to a mailing list of my mates to let them know and texted a few other folk so that it would hopefully be a good turnout.

But then the realisation of going out to a potentially busy pub hit me and I had some anxiety attacks about going out. What if it’s too busy, what if no-one comes out, what if I get penned into a corner when I need to get up, etc. But I was determined to go out and forced all those thoughts to the back of my mind.

The short walk to the pub was quite long in my head and I kept wanting to turn back but that wasn’t going to happen, and once I got there I’m glad I didn’t. Loads of people turned up to say hi and it was a good reminder that I have lots of good friends who will come out to see me. It was great to see a few people that are as crap at getting in touch as I am, Tronic and my ‘Legendary mate Johnny’ were a very pleasant surprise.

So I had some good chats with people and some people I didn’t get round to talking to much, but I hope they realise how grateful I am that they came out. And even though it was a really hard night for me, always wanting to bolt to my front room, it was a really good night and will hopefully cement in my head that going out to see people isn’t that scary. I’ve been up since 5am and feel like crap but it’s worth it for a good night out

Dec 14 2009

Snooker loopy nuts is she

Mr Stuff

Over the weekend I watched a bit of the snooker since Ronnie O’Sullivan was playing and he’s always worth watching. After a little while of watching I noticed I wasn’t watching it alone, then little Pepper jumped up onto the TV stand and started staring. She seemed more interested in the players walking around the table than the balls moving about.

snooker fan

Dec 11 2009

It finally sinks in

Mr Stuff

I’ve had lots of time to think about stuff over the last week, a few early mornings and a good few days where I can’t get any enthusiasm to do anything, and something has finally dawned on me. Earlier I put up a post saying that people only get in touch when they want something and it annoys me but that’s not the whole story. I’ve become so insular over the last year that I am very guilty of not trying to reach out and contact people, I’m expecting people to get in touch with me and getting annoyed when they don’t.

So I’m sorry if I caused any offence to my mates with the previous post, it’s my fault as well. I’m so used to seeing the world go by and wrapped up in my little prison that I have forgotten about getting in touch with people and keeping up contact. There is one person in particular that I have been really pissed off with for not getting in touch but I’m going to send a txt today and make the first move since that is much better than becoming a bitter insular troll imprisoned in my front room.

Dec 7 2009

The continuing adventures of Pepper

Mr Stuff

Mrs Stuff decided that yesterday was a good day to have another go at the hedge, you may remember she cut through the power cable last time she tried, but we borrowed a cordless trimmer from our kind neighbour. She did as much as she could from the ground before we had to get the ladder.

Pepper was asleep upstairs but decided that she needed to see what all the noise was for, so out she wandered and saw a great new climbing frame. So she climbed the ladder and managed to get most of the way back down before getting confused, so I helped her the rest of the way. And here are the pics

on ladder

on ladder 2

at the top

Dec 7 2009

Dinner went well

Mr Stuff

Yesterday I was feeling a bit crappy but it was decided that I needed to make on of my yorkshire puds, since they always turn out well, so I did. Unfortunately the meal didn’t do me too many favours as I have been up since 2am this morning, boo.

But I thought I’d share a pic of my yorkshire since I was so pleased with how well it rose

Yorkshire Pud