Jan 23 2010

Can today get any worse

Mr Stuff

I was woken up at 1.30 this morning with some real nasty nausea, but managed to get back to sleep. The next thing I remember is having a dream where there was a compass HUD at the top of my vision and lots of little Pac-man style pills all around, so I collected them. As soon as I had collected the last one I was immediately awake and only just made it to the toilet before last nights dinner came flying out of my mouth. Not nice. So I wandered back upstairs to get changed, since I would have to get up now and noticed it was only 2.30.

I think it was about 4 – 4.30 or so before I stopped vomiting and could have a cup of tea and have it stay down. Since then I’ve had a lot of hot and cold flushes as well as being achy and generally more nauseaus. I think I’m out of the woods for vomiting for the time being (touch wood) but even that’s only a small victory given the rest of the symptoms.

I think I’d put this in the top 5 of the worst days I’ve had over the last 2 years, let’s hope tomorrow is better.

Jan 23 2010

Tilt table not too bad

Mr Stuff

In the end the tilt table test really wasn’t that bad, it was more boring than anything else. After running a few tests with me hooked up to an ECG they took me into the room with the table and strapped me in. Then it tilted forwards to an angle of 70 degrees, so I was almost standing, and left me there for 40 minutes. Unfortunately I didn’t pass out so the test was a failure, but at least it looks as though I don’t have a bad heart problem

Jan 21 2010

Feeling crappy and new tests

Mr Stuff

For the last few days my legs have been really achy, almost as if I’d just done a big workout at the gym, and I have no idea why. But it is making my days even worse since I am now less mobile than usual, which isn’t very mobile at all. It is also making me feel really bad if I walk anywhere.

Yesterday I wandered round to feed some friends cats and when I got back I was too hot and too cold, dizzy and very very nauseaus. It took about 30 mins or so of sitting to make me feel even a little better. not good.

All of which doesn’t make me look forward to the generic tilt table test I have tomorrow afternoon. It’s not going to be pretty

Jan 18 2010

Another bad day

Mr Stuff

I’ve had a few OK’ish days out of the last few and then get hit with today, a really bad day both physically and mentally.

On the physical side I have all the nausea and pain, with my prescriptions not really doing much to help. I’m trying as much as I can to distract myself from the badness but it’s not that easy because mentally I’m feeling really crappy. I just feel completely useless.


Jan 13 2010

The weather works in my favour

Mr Stuff

I had a call from the hospital yesterday about the gastric emptying study my gastro guy wants me to have. It seems that due to the weather a lot of people have been cancelling their appointments so I now have one for tomorrow. So that’s 2 tests in 2 weeks since I have the tilt table test next friday. Woohoo, let’s hope they show something useful

Jan 8 2010

Gone to the Sony side

Mr Stuff

For a while now I’ve been concerned that my 360 will RROD or E74 whenever I turn it on (these are catastrophic hardware failures for those that don’t know) and have been thinking of changing over to a PS3. Well today I did it, traded in my 360 and games for a shiny PS3 slim and new games.

I’ve only just started playing with it but the interface is quite nice and I’ll see how I get on. So farewell Senor Stuff with gamerscore of just over 40,000 and hello senor_stuff with no trophies (as yet)

Jan 7 2010

Quite the social butterfly

Mr Stuff

Last night there was a birthday gathering at the pub and I decided that I was going to go along to say hello and show my face. Once the decision was made the anxiety started, making me feel really bad that I can’t just go out to the local pub to see my friends without worrying, but after a few beers I was ready to go.

So we braved the arctic conditions and had a good time, I wanted to go home every second I was there but fought through it. People were happy to see me out and not having seen a lot of them for a while there was lots to talk about.

So another mental bridge is being built and that makes me feel better, I just need to get out more so that I can convince myself that it’s not that bad. But the thing holding me back is that I have 3 really bad symptoms that can come up without warning and are very bad when they hit. Thankfully they haven’t really hit me too much outside the house but there is always a chance.

But to finish here are some pics of the pond in the pub back garden, they have a fountain that has created some quite nice looking ice.

Nice IceIce-tastic

Jan 4 2010

Pepper and Xan update

Mr Stuff

I can’t be bothered to update on my condition (it’s the same) so here’s an update on the kitty situation.

When Xan arrived the 2 cats were a little wary of each other, they would wash but this would quickly turn into a fight. Well last night they managed to have a big fight and pull bits of fluff off each other, so it looks as though Xan may have to go back.

It’s a shame since they are sometimes nice to each other but they do spend a lot more time baiting each other and fighting which is not good for them, or me. But here are some pics of them being a bit nice to each other, a few seconds after taking this picture they went for each other again. Bah

far awaycloser

Jan 4 2010

Some like it hot

Mr Stuff

On Saturday morning I was up at about 5 or so and it was cold, very cold. So I put on the halogen heater that Mrs Stuff and Lisa insisted I needed. As the room warmed up it wasn’t long before I had a visitor :)


Jan 1 2010

Hoping for a better year

Mr Stuff

After the unpleasantness that was the side effects for the patches I have given up on them completely, which is probably a good plan. So along the same lines Mrs Stuff got me some Sea Bands, the acupressure wrist bands that are good for travel sickness, but having worn them for a few days they gave me really bad nausea attacks. The first attack left me so pale that Mrs Stuff was really quite worried for me, and she’s seen me when it’s bad. So I’ve also given up on them, but hopefully it will give my gastro guy some useful info based upon my reactions to them.

Given the last week I’ve had I wasn’t really in any shape to see too  many people last night, and I’m not really one for celebrating the New Year, so we stayed in and had a nice quiet evening, I only noticed it had gone midnight by all the fireworks that were going off. But those fireworks scared Pepper and Xan so much that they ran straight under the bed and stayed there for a good while.

So we’re into a new year, and a new decade, and to be honest all I really want is a better year than last year, which I’m hoping my new gastro guy can give me. Happy New Year.