Feb 25 2010

Might as well face it I’m addicted to Borderlands

Mr Stuff

BorderlandsOne of the last games I got for my 360 was Borderlands, a Mad Max style FPS RPG type thing, and I can’t stop playing it. When I got my PS3 I got a copy and it is the first game I have a platinum trophy for, the PS3 trophy system gives you a platinum trophy for getting all the other trophies, similar to getting all 1000 points on a 360 game.

The thing that keeps me coming back is that the game generates the stats for all the guns as it goes, with apparently millions of different combinations, so there is always something new to play for. The developers are also keeping the DLC (downloadable content) going with the third being released today.

So if you like Mad Max style FPS RPG type things then I would definitely recommend this

Feb 17 2010

The week started badly and is still going

Mr Stuff

So far this week I have been up early every other night and feeling terrible for all my waking hours, I’d say worse than normal. Some of it I’m putting down to stress since I’m constantly having a go at myself for being unable to work and having to rely on Mrs Stuff, which she is fine with but it’s starting to do my head in.

Since we first met I’ve been the top earner and paid for a lot of stuff, so in a way it is a chance for her to pay me back but being the proud fella that I am I feel bad that I can’t contribute. This is made worse by my continuing battles with the benefit system, they keep telling me that in their opinion I’m not ill enough which is starting to make me feel that maybe they’re right. Who knows, but suffice to say I’m not in a good place at the moment and am having a hard time seeing the light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

Feb 17 2010

Pepper’s 1 year anniversary

Mr Stuff

Sunday was the 1 year anniversary of when we got Pepper, and you’ll be glad to hear she is still happy and continues to make me happy. She now tends to sleep on my legs at night, probably so that she can be awake as soon as I move and try to get food.

Feb 12 2010

Another pub visit, another early morning

Mr Stuff

While I’m posting I’ll update on my health.

It’s been another week of ups and downs because of my pesky health but last night I did make it out to a local pub and had quite a nice time. It was a last minute decision and it was nice to see some people and have a good chat, but everytime I have a nice time there seems to be a consequence, which in this case was the massive nausea and pain at 5 this morning. So I’ve been up for a while and still feel like crap.

I have made it out to the local shops to get a copy of Bioshock 2, had a great deal on the game I traded in, so I’ll play some of that to see if it takes my mind off it

Feb 12 2010

Bad Discovery, no biscuit

Mr Stuff

I watch a lot of Discovery and was interested to see a new program, Death Machines, which is all about torture devices through the ages. So I sat down to watch the first episode and at that point stopped it recording and deleted the series link for reasons I shall now go into.

They have an engineer and a neurobiologist who are tediously annoying and they’re the ones who make and test the devices. Once the devices have been made they test them out on foam dummies and the like then go into tedious detail about just how efficient pulleys and screws are at multiplying force, followed by a small segment telling me that pulleys and screws are still used today. WTF, come on Discovery I’m not 5, I know that these things are used for a good reason so don’t need patronising.

A good idea gone to waste methinks

Feb 4 2010

Where everybody knows your name

Mr Stuff

I had to go to Boots to pick up the rest of a prescription today so I wandered on up. When I got there I saw a bit of a queue, only 4 people so not that long a wait. One of the pharmacy staff who I’ve seen there a lot then got out a prescription card and found the bag in the totes at the back. Then to my surprise she said hello to me and handed me the prescription, having recognised me from previous visits saying “I saw you come in”.

I know it’s not as good as having your regular pint sat on the bar by the time you get there but it was nice, although it kind of shows just how often I’m there to pick up prescriptions.

Feb 1 2010

An up and down week

Mr Stuff

I just realised it’s been a week since I last posted but the last week has been all over the place which explains why. I’ve had a few good days but many bad ones, both physically and mentally, being ill for this long takes a lot out of you.

But the main thing that is affecting me at the mo is the fact that I spent 17 years building a career in the games QA industry and I can just see it slipping away from me. The thing with games is that you have to try and remain current but I’ve not been able to do that for a while now. So once I’m all fixed I’m not sure if there will be any positions out there for me, but I’ll try to pick it back up. Ho Hum