Mar 31 2010

Much easier than expected

Mr Stuff

For the last few months I’ve been having a lot of problems with the signal from my mobile network, it seems that they messed about with some local masts and didn’t finish the work, telling me that it would all be sorted in October. Well given that people are having trouble getting in touch that isn’t really good enough.

So I just called them to get my contract cancelled with no charge under the Supply of Goods and Services Act, and to my surprise they said OK and are sending me through the PAC code. I was very surprised since I thought this would be a long and tedious fight. So nice one Three and I’ll most likely get a PAYG for the time being until I’m in a position to get another contract.

Mar 24 2010

From out of nowhere

Mr Stuff

Last night we had some very nice dinner with Mrs Buurd and a few glasses of wine, all in all I felt a it tired but not too bad. By the time I went to bed I was surprised not to have any symptoms, no pain or nausea at all, I felt like a normal person again. But how long would it last?

Until 2.12 am when I awoke with all the nausea in the world, really really bad. So I got up and about an hour or two later the pain arrived as well. Maybe it was the wine that was masking the symptoms or maybe it was trying to find new ways to creep up on me, who can say but all I can say is bah.

Mar 19 2010

Too much choice

Mr Stuff

KratosToday is the release day of God of War III so I wandered out to get a copy since I played the first one years ago and really liked it. But when I got back home there was a package on the floor, which was my copy of the God of War Collection, which has GOWI and GOWII on it, so now I have all 3 and don’t know whether to start with the first one (which I played years ago) and work my way through them or start at 3 then play the other 2.

Bah the decisions I have to make

Mar 17 2010


Mr Stuff

I have been feeling crappy for the last few days, especially yesterday when for most of the day all the food I ate decided to leave me at full speed from every available opening. So no surprise that I’ve been up since 2 or so this morning.

So I decided that since it was early I’d get me some PS3 demo’s, which I did, and while they were downloading I thought I’d have a quick surf but my Mac wouldn’t connect to the wireless router. I know, thought me, I’ll play with the settings and see if that does anything. From then on I’ve been unable to connect wirelessly through the Mac. I’ve checked and double checked the password and DHCP settings but the pesky thing won’t get an IP, thankfully it all works through the cable.

So I’m leaving that for a bit to see if I can get my head round it later, if not then I’ll send out a cry of help to Mr Woz who knows all about Mac’s and routers and stuff.

For the rest of the day I’m not going to touch anything in case I bork that as well

Mar 12 2010

Bored with being ill

Mr Stuff

Yesterday was a fairly bad day, I seem to be having a lot of those recently, I really didn’t want to leave the house very much because I had symptoms all over the place. As a result I didn’t make it out to Woz’s birthday and have been up since 3 this morning.

All of which leaves me really bored with not feeling well, I’ve kinda forgotten what it feels like to not be sick all the time. I’ve still got a month to go before I see my gastro guy again but hopefully he’ll have some more ideas on how to proceed.

Mar 9 2010

Still more of the same

Mr Stuff

I haven’t posted much recently because not a lot is really changing in my life at the mo, still having my early mornings (up since 4.30 this morning) and still feeling like crap all the time.

Last night we were round at Eor and Jac’s to help them sort out a chicken pie and after being there for about 30 minutes or so it all went wrong for me. It started with me feeling very warm, so I took off my fleece, then I got really cold, so I put the fleece back on. Then the nausea kicked in and all I could manage to do was sit down with my head in my hands trying to convince Jac and Mrs Stuff that I would be OK in a bit. Some food did help me feel a bit better but I was really tempted to go home when it kicked off, but their house is one of my safe places that I can wait out the symptoms to see if they calm down.

But I was then awake at 4.30 this morning and got up. Bah. later this week is Mr Woz’s 40th so I’m hoping to make it out to the pub to say Hi but we’ll see how that works out closer to the day