May 31 2010

Twinkle twinkle little star

Mr Stuff

I’ve decided that enough is enough, I’ve spent too long feeling sorry for myself and need to do something constructive, so I’m going to do an OU course.

The idea came to me after a chat with my dad where he said I should do something with my time that gives me a sense of schievement. The subject of the course came after watching some shows on Discovery that interested me more than I expected, so I’m doing an astronomy course.

Hopefully it will give me the sense of achievement and give me a new hobby in a subject that has interested me for a while.

May 29 2010

I’m just a jealous guy

Mr Stuff

Mrs stuff went to see Faithless last night and I had the opportunity to be her +1 on the guest list but really couldn’t. It would have involved going into town as well as being in a busy small space.

She says they were really good but it took a while to get her to talk about the music rather than the lightshow.

Unfortunately they had run out of funky hoodies but Mrs Stuff did get me some fine badges from the gig and I’m currently wearing the “I can’t get no sleep” one :-)

May 27 2010

Another Birthday

Mr Stuff

It’s my birthday today and I’m not really celebrating it since I don’t really have a lot to celebrate at the mo. I tried to keep it uncelebrated but have managed to get 2 presents from persistent folk, and I thank them for the fine pressies.

So since I’m not really celebrating it I’m not going to trawl t’internet for b’day related stuff but instead put up a fine song by Funker Vogt who I have really been getting into again recently. I couldn’t find a decent version of my fave song “Take Care” so here is another one I really like “Red Queen”.

May 24 2010

Bbq’s, pain, anxiety and snoring

Mr Stuff

Well it was a lovely sunny weekend and i certainly got up to a lot compared to my standard weekend, but it wasn’t all good.

My long term back pain has come back, probably due to my lack of activity and mobility, and it really hurts. I’ve got a back support and a cold pack so will keep trying to sort it myself but may need to visit my chiropractor.

On saturday there was the option of 2 bbq’s but after some texting they were combined into 1 at Eor’s. So we packed up our stuff and popped over hoping for a good time, but my brain said no.
I can’t explain why but i felt anxious and uncomfortable within minutes. Maybe it was because there were people there that i haven’t seen in a while, or maybe because I’ve upped the dose of my new tablets and they scare the hell out of me. I will also add that the problem was in my head and not with the people there as it was really nice to see them. Then after some food i started to get a lot more pain and went home, so not the best outing.
Yesterday was another nice day so we had a little bbq here which i felt more comfortable with, since i was home.

Another thing probably adding to the anxiety is the way my new tablets react with alcohol. Without the social lubricant I tend to shrink into my shell when there are more than 3 or 4 people around.

Lastly my new tablets seem to have another side effect, they are making me snore. Normally i don’t snore much and hopefully the snoring isn’t so bad that it keeps Mrs Stuff awake.

May 20 2010

Things I’ve learnt

Mr Stuff

I’ve picked up a couple of handy tips in the last few days that I think are worth sharing.

1 – Electric motors can work both ways.
While watching an episode of Rough Science they needed to make a thing and used the motor of an electric drill to generate electricity. So use electricity to turn the motor or turn the motor to generate electricity. Fairly basic electro-magnetics but I didn’t know it.

2 – Things feel solid because of repelling electrons.
I was watching a programme about a haunted prison and whether ghosts could pass through solid matter, and if they have electrons then they can’t.

3 – If you’re taking levomepromazine don’t drink too much alcohol.
Yesterday was nice and sunny so a few beers were in order but then it all went wrong. I only had 3 cans of Kronenblouse but felt as if I’d had 10 or more. All of a sudden i was wobbly and very very nauseaus indeed, to the point that Mrs Stuff was really concerned. So i went to bed and was up at 4.30. So maybe not drinking on these tablets is the way forward.

Quite a rambly way to get round to my ills, but hopefully a bit entertaining.

May 18 2010

Pepper 4 slow worms forever

Mr Stuff

Now that it’s warmed up all the slow worms are more active, and Pepper is loving them. I keep telling her that they are protected but she doesn’t listen and for some reason there are loads in the garden.

I’d say we save 2 or 3 from her clutches everyday, and I know they’re different ones based on their size.

May 18 2010

Groggy and anxiety, don’t leave home without them

Mr Stuff

A few days into my new tablets and there are some definite changes.

I am a lot more anxious about going out, mainly because I feel very vulnerable away from home. It may be because of the new groggy levels and general unsteadiness but it’s not nice.

Then there is the grogginess i am getting, on average since taking them i am sleeping for 13 hours and taking 2 hours to wake up properly.

So not good for the new tablets so far, and to make matters worse i should be taking 4x this dose in 2 weeks.

May 16 2010

A bit odd

Mr Stuff

I’ve started on my new tablets, which it turns out are used as anti-psychotic sedatives in high doses, and i feel a bit odd.

It’s hard to explain but i am defo more groggy and feel bloated. Let’s hope it gets better since i up the dose on a weekly basis.

BTW this is my first post using my new WordPress Android app which makes little posts so much easier.

May 15 2010

Prescription Update

Mr Stuff

I went to see my doctor yesterday and he has agreed to refer me to the Chronic Pain Management Team, which can only be a good thing, and he gave me a new prescription that my consultant thought might help. The new drug is Levomepromazine which I have started today and we’ll see how it goes. One thing that did make me laugh about it though is looking through the possible side effects which include unwanted and persistent erections, oo-er mrs.

Anyway after all that I went to pick up a load of prescriptions today and thought it’s been a long time since I’ve made one of my Mr Stuff patented Prescription Houses, so here you go.

Prescription House 5

May 13 2010

Today I are more blind than yesterday

Mr Stuff

Yesterday I had an appointment to have my eyes tested since it was a good while since I last had it done and I do get a lot of headaches, and it turns out that my eyes have indeed worsened over the last few years.

To go to the appointment I had to go into town and was there for a lot longer than I had planned, probably because Lisa came with me so I had to wait for her to have her eye stuff done as well as mine. Initially I was kind of OK with it but after an hour or so in town I deteriorated quickly, becoming more and more anxious and really wanting to go home. So it was a good thing that I made myself go into town but am still not great about it. But the tiny steps are a good start.