Jun 23 2010

P.A.T.T are go

Mr Stuff

I got a letter through this morning about my referral to the Pain Assessment Triage Team (chronic pain management team) and after reading through the details I have sorted an appointment. I get to see them next Thursday morning, 1st July for those of you that like to work with calendar dates.

From the blurb they sent through it sounds good, I will be seen by 2 of their professionals which include a doctor, physiotherapist and nurse. They will look at the pain as well as how they can help in other matters including a psychologist to deal with the issues I have of feeling useless.

So all in all quite promising.


Jun 16 2010

Curry good, all else bad

Mr Stuff

Last night there was talk of going out for a curry and I thought that since it was my 900th day I’d say yes.

I felt anxious, nauseous and panicky about going out but a glass of wine helped. When we got there I mentioned that it was my 900th day and didn’t talk about it anymore, which was good. After some very fine food and a few beers I felt a lot worse but hid it well.

When we got home I went straight to bed and woke up in a lot of pain at 5.30. Since then the nausea has increased and I’m having a fairly bad day. But it was good to see people and get out.

Jun 15 2010

Day 900

Mr Stuff

So I’ve reached 900 days since my illness started and there are really no signs of improvement which sucks. I’m currently waiting to hear back from the pain management team and have a gastro appointment in just over a month so more waiting is on the cards.

Jun 15 2010

Achy-breaky everything

Mr Stuff

I have no idea what I’ve done, or am doing, but everything aches again today. The only thing I can think of is that I carried our green bag down the road because I’d missed the bin-men but it really wasn’t that heavy.

Maybe I have become that weak from 1/2 years of inactivity

Jun 13 2010

Something strange in the neighborhood

Mr Stuff

Last night at about 11.05 just before going to bed I had a quick check on Pepper, she’s been having a few issues with another cat and has been a bit jumpy. As I was looking for her I noticed something a bit odd.

In the east there was a bright orange light which was moving at satellite speed but seemed a bit to big. As it went overhead the light dimmed, it was obviously being lit by the sun, and it looked like a grey blob. I couldn’t see any running lights and there was no engine noise so I thought it must have been a satellite.

So I brushed my teeth and stuff then had a peek through the back door to see if I could see Peps anywhere and the light was back. It did exactly the same thing except the starting point was a little more to the right. Really odd since it was only 10 minutes later but I’m thinking maybe it was the ISS so I’ll have a look into it’s path. But you know I’m hoping it was little green men :-)

Jun 12 2010

Everybody hurts, sometimes

Mr Stuff

The last few days have been pretty rough with everything hurting for no good reason and the painkillers have been little help. But fortunately today has been better so far, even though I’ve been up since just before 6.

Jun 9 2010

VERY glad to be home

Mr Stuff

I just had another wander to the pharmacy to pick up another prescription and I have to say it was worse than the last.

I was OK wandering up there but while wandering out of the pharmacy the sun came out and I pretty much instantly became disorientated, queasy, dizzy and generally not well al all. So I bought a bottle of water and had a sit down, almost clinging onto the bench to stop it from moving. At this point I was going to phone either Mrs Stuff or Lisa to come and collect me when I started to feel better, which was good because I couldn’t operate my mobile very well, and got home.

Not sure if it was because I was dehydrated or what but I’m feeling a bit better now after a sit, but am now more worried than ever about leaving the house.

Jun 7 2010

Colour me impressed

Mr Stuff

Yesterday I was having a look through the latest free apps for my phone and came across ShapeWriter, which is just plain awesome. It is a different way of typing on your touch screen phone where instead of tapping each letter you draw between them. It takes a little getting used to but is really growing on me. It gives you suggestions of each word and so far have found that the default is the one I was going for, the suggestions also automatically include double letter so if you draw ‘fot’ it will suggest ‘foot’.

There are other similar apps out there but this is the only free one and I love it.

Jun 6 2010

I don’t care what the weatherman says

Mr Stuff

Is it just me or have the Met Office turned into a bunch of pig-tailed little girls?

I’m basing this on the fact that they seem to issue severe weather warnings everytime it rains a bit or it gets a bit windy. I was just watching the weather on the BBC news channel and they’ve issued some cos it might be a bit thundery and rainy.

In the words of my old mate Andy O they can only be described as a bunch of pink-handled skipping ropes

Jun 4 2010

The drugs don’t work they just make you worse

Mr Stuff

Since I started taking levomepromazine I’ve noticed that I am a lot more groggy in the mornings than usual, if I close my eyes then my head feels very heavy and wobbly kinda like when you’re a bit pissed. But that’s not all as I have also lost a percentage of my fine motor skills which is a bit more worrying.

On my birthday I got a card from my Step-Granny and thought it would be nice to send her a hand-written reply but I found that writing it was such hard work, my hands just didn’t want to do what my brain was telling them. This wobbly, groggy has also just given me the most terrifying trip to the pharmacy that I’ve ever had, I kept walking into walls and tried to stay as far away from the road as possible.

It’s hard to say if they are actually giving me any benefits since my back is playing up and anyone that’s had that happen will tell you that it takes priority over everything else, a lot of the time I can’t even tell how nauseaus I am.

Arse :-(