Aug 25 2010

Anyone but me

Mr Stuff

I’m having a really bad day today, both the nausea and pain are worse than usual and it’s taking its toll.

When I have bad days everything becomes harder because I get really low. When I have an OK day I can see that I will get fixed and get my life back, but on days like today all I can think is this is me for the rest of my life. And that just makes me feel lower.

I can honestly say that today I would give anything to be anyone but me.

Aug 24 2010

I cannot disguise all the stomach pains

Mr Stuff

I had my first round of acupuncture this morning and it’s made me feel quite crappy. Apparently it’s a good sign and shows that it may well work for me.

I’m still skeptical about it but at this point I’m open to anything that might help, which includes all the things that Mrs Stuff has been badgering me about for a while. I have another 5 appointments over the next 8 weeks so it’ll be a while before I know if it really works or not.

Aug 22 2010

Pepper Playtime

Mr Stuff

Little Miss has been having all the playtime fun in the last few days and fortunately I took some pics to share.

Next door have a very fluffy little kitty named Marmite who very much likes to play with Pepper. They tend to spend ages just chasing each other round the garden and through the hedge as well as hiding behind plant pots ready to pounce.

pepper_marmite pepper_marmite2

But she’s also very able to have fun on her own as we saw when Mrs Stuff decided to give her some paper packaging to play with. It didn’t take long for it to get trashed.


Aug 18 2010

The end of the paracetamol experiment

Mr Stuff

After only 4 days of taking paracetamol I’m back on the co-codamol. As I kind of figured the paracetamol really wasn’t doing much and for the last few days I’ve found it difficult to get to sleep and even to sit down and relax.

So I’m hoping that changing back will get rid of all this pain quickly since it’s really hard work to do anything right now.

Aug 16 2010

Paracetamol experiment: day 3

Mr Stuff

When I saw the Pain Management Team they asked which bit of the co-codamel I thought was working for me, and to try taking just paracetamol for a month.

Well I’m 3 days in and seem to have a lot more little aches and pains in my abdomen than usual. Not sure what to read into it since I don’t know how long it will take for the codeine to leave my system, but it looks as though my thoughts on the matter may well be true since paracetamol is a fairly crap painkiller. Add to that the fact that I was up at 2:15am yesterday and I’m not sure that this experiment will last for a month.

Aug 11 2010

Wait for a few months and 2 come along

Mr Stuff

I had a call from the hospital yesterday to sort out my Capsule Endoscopy, swallowing the small camera, and it turns out it’s booked for the day before I get to see the Chronic Pain Team next. So for a few days after the August bank holiday I’ll be all the busy.

I’ve also looked into the Capsule Endoscopy a bit and it looks like the camera is disposable so I don’t have to try and catch it on the way out, which is a really big relief :)

Aug 9 2010

It’s not just in my head

Mr Stuff

I saw the chronic pain team today and I think it went well. Today’s visit was more of a “getting to know you” kinda thing but they delved pretty deep into my history and had some suggestions. And the psychologist started off by pointing out that they don’t think it’s all in my head, which was quite reassuring.

So in about 3 weeks or so I get to see another clinical nurse to get the ball rolling and I’m being put on the list for acupuncture, which will please Mrs Stuff.

In the meantime I’m to try the mindful book and cd I have to get a bit of meditation going, who knows it may help. Again this will all please Mrs Stuff who figures I should have been doing this a while ago

Aug 5 2010

Feed Me

Mr Stuff

Pepper has developed a new habit recently for trying to convince me that she needs feeding. From about 3pm or so she will sit on a little fleece by my feet and try to hypnotise me into giving her food, kinda like the Maynards moose if you’ve seen the adverts.

Obviously it doesn’t work but it really doesn’t stop her from trying.


Chew, chew, chew, chew…