Nov 30 2010


Mr Stuff

Damn it’s cold out there, I’m spending a lot of my time wrapped up in fluffy fleece. But I am getting quite pissed off with the tedious media coverage, they put their people in front of some snow and bash on that its the end of civilisation as we know it. No- one has any salt and schools are closed, we’re all doomed.

As for me I’m still feeling crappy and not looking forward to Xmas since it will be my 3 year anniversary of becoming ill. But we’re clearing out the freezer so that I can do this fodmaps diet that my gastro guy suggested so should be able to give that a go in the next few days.

Nov 16 2010

Almost worth it

Mr Stuff

Yesterday I saw my gastro guy and the capsule endoscopy didn’t show anything new which is really disappointing. So I’m probably not going to see him again but he did have some ideas which I need to research.

The first is a diet that apparently works well for IBS so I’ll have a surf later and see what it’s all about. His other idea is gastric pacing, which is pretty much a pacemaker for your stomach. It’s shown some good results in the US but will require surgery which I’m not keen on and it sounds like there are some really nasty things that can go wrong. Anything from wires coming loose and puncturing your stomach to infections and rejection. There is also the fact that the surgery isn’t being performed anywhere close, and my agoraphobia will put up a fight about that.

So I’ll look into them things and see what I think but it looks as though I’ve reached the end of my medical journey and now it’s all about managing the symptoms.

Nov 14 2010

Shaving is bad for you

Mr Stuff

I needed to have a shave earlier but the sink was a bit blocked and needed cleaning. So I tried poking about at the bids that were caught and the screw holding the plughole came out. I tried screwing it back in but it wouldn’t go.

So, despite my agoraphobia I went to B&Q but they didn’t have the bit I needed, they had new bits instead. But as you’d expect it’s the wrong size for the sink.

Fortunately I had another screw that was almost identical to the one that came out and tried that. But it looks as though the thread in the plumbing is knackered. So I’ve fixed it as much as I can for now with only a slight leak, but that’s what buckets are for.

Nov 12 2010

Sniffle, sniffle. Grrr

Mr Stuff

It seems that I’ve managed to pick up someone’s cold which is really annoying, it’s not turned into man flu yet but there’s always time.

The pesky cold has increased my nausea levels by quite a way, which really sucks, as well as making me more dizzy and light headed than usual.

I’m hoping to feel better when I see my gastro guy on Monday so a weekend of rest is in order.

Nov 3 2010

Hunting machine

Mr Stuff

It’s 4.30, I’ve been up since 3 and have so far saved 2 mice from Pepper’s grasp. It might have been the same mouse twice but it looked like 2 different ones.

Given that the other day she brought us 1 1/2 mice I’m thinking there may be more before dawn.

Nov 2 2010


Mr Stuff

I’ve been feeling particularly useless during this current slump, and there seems to be no end in sight.

I know I need to be a big part of my recovery but I just can’t seem to shake it at the mo. Everything is so much effort, even keeping up to date on this blog.

I’m seeing the pain team again tomorrow and now that we’ve ruled out acupuncture, it didn’t really help much, I’m interested to see what their approach will be. I’m also still waiting to hear back from my gastro guy as to whether I need to keep my next appointment. That will depend on whether the last test actually showed anything and I’m hoping to hear back before making another wasted journey to the hospital