Dec 29 2010

3 years of pain

Mr Stuff

Well I’ve made it to another anniversary, now celebrating *cough* 3 years of being ill and still no firm diagnosis.

The diet is still in full swing and so far not giving me much relief but there are still a few weeks before I’ll know for sure. Other than that it’s business as usual and I shall be raising a glass to my fucked up abdomen, why not raise one yourself.

Dec 25 2010

Nom nom nom

Mr Stuff

After some tasty sugary tea to try and make myself feel better we made it round to Dunx’s for some fine christmas nosh. There were lots of bits i couldn’t have but enough stuff that I’m allowed to be OK.

I had a few close calls where i had really bad abdominal cramps but managed to stay out for a good few hours. So big thanks to Tabz, Dunx, Eor and Buurd for a fine christmassy afternoon.

Dec 25 2010

It’s Christmas

Mr Stuff

So Xmas has finally come around and so far I’m feeling terrible. Since I’ve been up I haven’t been very far away from the bathroom.

We’ve decided not to take the annual trip to the pub cos Mrs doesn’t want to start drinking too early and I don’t like pub toilets. But we have 2 invites to dinner later and I’m going to try my best to make it out, I think it would be unfair on Mrs Stuff if we stayed in. But we’ll have to see if my pesky illness wants to play ball.

Suffice to say, as I approach the 3rd anniversary of getting ill, I’m so bored of the pain and nausea, and hope it wants to go away soon.

Dec 18 2010

Wrapping up warm

Mr Stuff

So it’s snowing again, this time there is less than there was 2 weeks ago but Pepper is still not happy about it. She doesn’t like the cold snow so is wrapping up as warm as she can

wrap up warm

Dec 16 2010

Broadband Woes

Mr Stuff

Despite having decided I was going to change ages ago I am still with Demon for my BB and recently they have been underperforming woefully. I only turn the router on when I need it and am lucky to get 5Mb down speeds, currently having just done a speed test for Demon customer support I am getting a down speed of 576 Kbps, which feels like dial up.

So I’m thinking of changing provider in the New Year and was wondering if anyone had any tips on good providers in the area. I’m considering Sky, Talk Talk and BT at the mo since I’m already paying 2 of them and it won’t cost that much more to get my BB through them as well.

So if you guys have any tips chuck them over

Dec 9 2010

Restricted diet is, um restricted

Mr Stuff

I’ve started on the FODMAPS diet and it’s quite a surprise the number of things I can’t have anymore.

Wheat gluten is out so no more fish fingers, most fruits are out so no wine, lots of vegetables are also out so no brussel sprouts for Xmas. Because of the fruit restrictions most types of squash are a no-go so I’m mainly drinking tea and coffee. Even my beloved crisps contain stuff I can’t have.

So trying to sort out what to eat is a bit tricky and I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do over Xmas yet.