Jan 29 2011

Nothing like negative reinforcement

Mr Stuff

Last night we went out for a curry, I figured that since the diet wasn’t doing much I might as well ditch it. So we went for the meal and afterwards I even made it to the pub for a very swift pint of Swift One, after which I really needed to go home. A nice evening all in all, just a shame that I’ve been up since 2.30.

I think maybe going straight from restricted diet to curry might have been too much all in one go. So I’ll slowly reintroduce foods and monitor it a bit more carefully. But it doesn’t help my agoraphobia when I feel this bad after a relatively quiet night out.

Jan 22 2011

What you talkin ’bout Disco

Mr Stuff

I was watching “Weird or What?”, which for the record is fairly crap but there was little else on, on Discovery Science earlier and they were banging on about animals leaving before an earthquake. So they had to show where fault lines were, which they did with this image.

disco map

Looks OK until you look a bit closer and notice that the UK and Ireland is completely missing, no effort to put them in at all. So maybe Discovery is denying knowledge of the islands or maybe they just couldn’t be arsed to make the map properly. Who can say.

Bad Disco, no biscuit.

Jan 14 2011

Now that’ll wake you up

Mr Stuff

I had another early morning today, up at about 2.30 which was about the same time that Mrs Stuff got in from a girly night, which sucks.

So I set about my early morning routine, trying to find anything worth watching on TV, and after giving up on ‘The Gingerdead Man’, it was truly awful, I was struggling to find something. So after a quick kitchen visit I was all ready to see what Discovery had to offer when I noticed that the hall was lit up, it looked as though someone outside had their hazards on, but after looking through the glass section of the door it turned out to be something worse. One of the cars belonging to a neighbour over the road was on fire.

After grabbing the phone to call the fire brigade I wandered outside and the car was really going for it, the flames were about 12 feet high or so and the windows of the house were getting quite a roasting. But it wasn’t long until the firemen came and put it all out. Fortunately only cars and windows were damaged, the neighbours were all fine and the firemen couldn’t see any signs that it had been set deliberately. But seeing a fire like that raging across the road did scare me up some and certainly woke me right up.

Jan 11 2011

1 month in

Mr Stuff

I’ve been on my restrictive diet for just over a month now and am sorry to say there is no good news yet.

While I’ve not been as bad in the past few weeks it could just be a good spell, but not great as I’ve had 2 early starts this week. But I’m going to keep the diet up for another month to see if there is any improvement.

Jan 2 2011

He’s behind you

Mr Stuff

While watching the news earlier there was a story about rising rail fares, but they seemed to be unaware of the Terminator watching them.

It seems they are already among us :-O