Mar 31 2011

Some book learnin for me

Mr Stuff

After thinking about it for ages I have finally signed up for an astronomy course with the OU. I’m starting off with an entry level course to get used to the studying but am hoping to keep going with their courses.

Mar 29 2011

Attacked from all sides

Mr Stuff

When it started raining earlier it really set off my hayfever. This started a huge sneezing fit that turned into a coughing fit which ended up with vomiting.

All in all a bad day

Mar 28 2011

Still not crazy

Mr Stuff

I saw my psychologist again today and it was quite good. It’s very much like therapy in a way since I really open up about everything that’s going on, something I’m not known for.

I’m still too hard on myself and need to try and stop my bad thoughts. It’s also worth me changing the way I wander from head down charging to a more mindfull approach. This way it will take some of the anxiety out of it. I’m also doing the body scan wrong by examining each part rather than just noticing how it feels.

So a few tips and stuff on trying to break the vicious circle that is my current situation. I will get to see him again in a few weeks to see how I’m getting on and to discuss maybe going to weekly group pain therapy.

One interesting thing he did say was about how the body deals with stimulus. The effects of some stimuli can become numbed over time but there are some that the brain is programmed never to ignore, due to their evolutionary importance. 2 of the ones that the brain can’t ignore are pain and nausea, which will make my path fairly tricky.

Mar 25 2011

Celebs make illness real

Mr Stuff

I’ve been watching the news this morning and during the sports bulletin they have been going on about Michael Yardy leaving the Cricket World Cup because he is depressed, but have been pissed off by the way they are dealing with it. It’s almost as if depression didn’t exist until this happened and they’ve just discovered that it’s a real illness and being one of the many people in the world who suffer from depression this pisses me right off. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to use Brass Eye style graphics to show what’s happening.

Maybe it’s because I’m having a rough and sad day but this has annoyed me more than news has in a while, so I’m not going to watch any more for the rest of the day.

Mar 21 2011

Chirpy chirpy tweet tweet

Mr Stuff

I’ve finally decided to give this Twitter thing a look and signed up. So if you fancy reading my various tings and whatnot you can find me @senorstuff

Mar 18 2011

What if?

Mr Stuff

As well as watching a lot of news I also spend a good amount of time watching Nat Geo, Discovery and Eden. On Eden they show a lot of the old David Attenborough shows which got me thinking, what if they replaced Attenborough with Brian Blessed.

I can see it now, patiently crouching on a path watching a troop of lemurs walking by. Then, like a sudden thunderstorm, “THE TROOP IS OUT LOOKING FOR FOOD AND MAY HAVE TO WANDER INTO ENEMY TERRITORY”. Lemurs scattering in all directions and Mr Blessed slinks off on his horse.

Comedy genius and it must happen.

Mar 17 2011

When News Attacks

Mr Stuff

I watch a lot of news, especially during my early mornings when there is little else on. But their dealings of the current situations in Japan and Bahrain have just become laughable.

The main problem with 24 hour news is that the major networks are forever falling over each other to get the latest development out before the other. But this is when they fall into the ‘Uhm Loop’, the autocue has nothing for them so they try to expand the smallest fact into 5 minutes of screen time. Sky News score very high on the ‘Uhm Loop’ racking up 30 or so uhm’s a minute at times. Especially when trying to understand specialists trying to explain things that are way over their heads, nuclear reactors for example.

Which brings me onto the current top stories. Today they have been speaking to people in both Japan and Bahrain with the same outcome. They start by asking if the caller is scared of the situation and when the answer is no they pounce. “But you should be scared”, “I’d be shitting myself if I was there”, “Haven’t you been watching the fearmongering news”, etc. But the caller remained calm under the onslaught and explained that there is little risk if you understand what’s going on and if things change then they’ll re-evaluate.

Scared, you should be

Mar 16 2011

Still no magic bullet

Mr Stuff

I went to see my doc the other day to review my meds. It was decided that although they don’t do a lot they are the best combination we’ve found. So no new medical breakthroughs yet.

I’ve also been trying some meditation techniques suggested by the psychologist and the results aren’t great so far. The idea is to try and train my brain to pay less attention to the symptoms by concentrating on other parts of my body using the body scan technique. But the problem so far is that it seems to bring all my other aches and pains into sharp focus. But I’ll see if that gets better as I get more experience using that technique.

Mar 5 2011

I am hardcore. Bang, bang, pew, pew

Mr Stuff

The last few days have included some of the most stressful gaming moments I’ve ever had, but it was worth it.

I’ve been playing through Dead Space 2 and unlocked Hardcore mode where you only get 3 saves for the entire game and no checkpoints, if you die you go back to your previous save, so no room for error. So I gave it a go and after my first death about 20 minutes in when Pepper jumped onto me I started pausing the game when she entered the room. The game is 15 chapters long and I saved at 3, 7 and 11 which worked fine for me although I did die in Chapter 10 and have to replay 2 hours worth of gameplay to catch up, and during that catch up I nearly died twice, but all OK in the end.

So earlier today I finished it and unlocked probably one of the best unlocks I’ve seen in gaming, the awesome hand cannon. Don’t just take my word for it check it out.