Apr 24 2011

Good time & good mates

Mr Stuff

I went to a bbq yesterday and was quite anxious about it. It was at a house that I’ve been to a lot, Mrs Stuff was living there when we first met, but it’s not one of my safe zones. But it turns out that I needn’t have worried.

I felt a little uncomfortable, staying on the fringes of the group, but had a great time and was away from the house for a lot longer than I expected. And it was mainly down to the great company.

I wasn’t asked how I was doing every 2 minutes which gave me time to almost forget about about the symptoms. Good conversation makes for a good distraction.

So thanks all for a great time and hoping that today’s bbq is as good.

Apr 22 2011

Don’t be surprised if he turns up

Mr Stuff

One of the most common things people say to me is that they miss the old Mr Stuff. Maybe because they forget how sarcastic and opinionated he can be.

Like last night where I offended some friends with a throw away, and biologically correct, remark. Maybe they are too delicate to take it, but it wasn’t meant to be offensive, which I can be just ask Mr Woz.

But it is my way, add to that my mood swings and current situation, so don’t be surprised if I sometimes say stuff a bit close to the bone.

Be careful what you wish for

Apr 14 2011

Celebs make illness real pt ii

Mr Stuff

Another one admits mental health issues so it’s in the news again. Given these issues affect a chunk of the population it shouldn’t take celebs to bring it to the attention of the news. Maybe it’s not as sensational as media flu.

But fair play to Catherine Zeta-Jones for admitting the problem and admitting that the Hollywood celeb lifestyle isn’t perfect.

And I’m not the only one to think so, saw this tweet from Alastair Campbell earlier

@campbellclaret done pre-record for BBC World Service on Catherine Zeta-Jones. Shouldn’t have to take celebs to get proper focus on bipolar, but it does

Apr 11 2011

Low week

Mr Stuff

I’ve had a bad week of it and it looks set to continue. I’ve been trying to be more positive but the symptoms are so overwhelming that it’s hard.

I’m having fairly severe mood swings from chatty and relatively ok to withdrawn and sad. The thought that keeps popping into my head is that this is me for the rest if my life. It’s my 40th next month and unless anything dramatic changes I’m currently planning on ignoring it. It should be a happy celebration surrounded by good mates but I’m more likely to sit in the front room watching CSI.