May 22 2011

Big gamble paid off

Mr Stuff

On Friday I was feeling a little bad but kind of OK. Mrs Stuff was going to the beer festival at Nellies and I decided I’d give it a go as well, knowing full well it would be busy. And it was.

Fortunately we were in the garden which had a bit more room, but I found I was gripping the stair rails behind me a lot as a security thing. I lasted for 3 pints before getting overwhelmed but I felt quite proud of myself for going.

Looks like getting the tattoo and deciding to fight this illness is kind of working. It was quite a stressful situation to force myself into but will hopefully help me to keep going with smaller, but equally important, steps.

May 17 2011

Astronomy Go

Mr Stuff

I’ve now started my OU astronomy course and am planning on doing about 10 – 15 hours studying per week, we’ll see how it goes and how easily I can learn the stuff but that’s the plan. I’ve already learned how to use a planisphere, which is quite complicated but good for predicting stuff.

So in honour of me starting that and the shuttle launch yesterday here are some of the best pics of the launch I’ve seen.

These 2 are from @stefmara taken from a plane and are and

Shuttle1Shuttle 2

And here is an awesome pic from @treyratcliff and is


May 16 2011

Very happy with tattoo

Mr Stuff

It’s scabbing up and I have to make sure not to scratch it but am really pleased with how it has turned out.

The 2 main worries were pain and how it would look. The pain was easily manageable, even though it’s on my inside forearm which is meant to be very sensitive. It feels like a sunburn and isn’t itchy or annoying at all. As for the look the artist did a fantastic job of making it look how I wanted and kept asking my opinion on things.

I am also really pleased that I found an image that means something to me, there is a story behind it. Much better IMO than getting something popular.

All in all a great experience and I have an idea of something to put on the other arm to balance things out. I’ll have a good think about it & not rush, this one was thought about for a year or so. I’m going to keep my ideas for the next one secret until it’s done, so watch this space in the next few months.

May 14 2011

Got Inked

Mr Stuff

I’ve been up since 3.30 this morning with my usual pain and nausea but today was tattoo day so that made me feel a bit better. I did get quite anxious from about 8.30 but went ahead with it.

The guys at the studio made me feel really comfortable and in the end it only took about 50 mins or so. But enough of that you all want to see the pic so here it is. This was just after it was finished.

Mr Stuff Tat

May 9 2011

Good Psychologist visit

Mr Stuff

Because of screw up by Boots I am currently on over the counter co-codamol which is about 25% of the dose I usually take. As a result of this I am feeling really crappy and nearly didn’t go to my hospital visit today, but I’m glad I did.

The subject of the tattoo came up and once he’d quizzed me on it a bit he realised that it was something that I have put a lot of thought into, and as a way of confronting and mocking my illness is a good healthy thing to do. So that makes me feel loads better, not that I was looking for any validation.

Other than that we discussed loads of stuff and he gave me a few more coping mechanisms to work on, so I’ll get on with that and I have to make sure next time I see him that he has looked up any methods he can find on coping with nausea. His main area of expertise is pain so the nausea thing is a little unfamiliar to him.

So even though I feel worse I also feel better o_O

May 5 2011

Stuff gets inked

Mr Stuff

For a while now I’ve been thinking about maybe getting a tattoo but wasn’t sure what to get or where, since I don’t want to get a cut and paste tattoo. But I’ve finally gone and got the process started. I have put a deposit down and am getting it done on May 14th at BJ’s Studio in Woolston (

The idea behind the tattoo is sending a big FU to my illness, maybe even mocking it, and is a thing that I need to do for my own sanity and piece of mind. The tattoo will be of a voodoo doll with a ? on it’s abdomen, symbolising the undiagnosed nature of my condition, and I’m getting it on my right forearm because I wanted it to be very visible so I feel better about the illness FU.

Here is the pic that the piece is based on a tattoo done be Tanya Magdalena from

Voodoo Doll

Oh and since I decided to go for it and put that up on Twitter I have gotten follows from Darren Brass and Yoji Harada from Miami Ink, which is cool. It was watching their show that gave me the inspiration for getting one having seen people wanting nice artwork with a story behind it, before that I always thought of tattoo’s as cut and paste skulls or tribal gunf.