Jun 30 2011

I think I used to have a voice

Mr Stuff

Now I never make a sound

You know those dreams where you’re shouting but no noise is coming out, that’s what my blog, Twitter & Facebook feel like.

Don’t worry about me, having a really sad day

Jun 30 2011

No man is an island

Mr Stuff

But I sure as hell feel like one

I’ve been thinking a lot about interaction recently, one of the things that drove me to deactivate The Facebook. And you know what, I’ve never felt more isolated.

During my average day the most human contact I get, apart from my most lovely Mrs Stuff, is the guy at the shop where I buy my milk. I know that my friends all have busy lives and I try my best to get out but it’s really hard.

So most of my contact comes via my electronic relationships, and for the most part that’s really trivial. I tend to post things that are likely to get a reaction, or noticed and it’s just not enough. Real posts with meaning get swallowed up in the news feed full of youtube clips and pics of people doing stuff.

Btw I’m not having a go at other people here, just need to get this out of my head.

Jun 30 2011

To delete or not?

Mr Stuff

I have a very low opinion of Facebook, I joined it as a way of keeping in touch with the Iomo guys when the studio shut down. But since then I’ve found it more annoying than useful.

Everytime I see an advert with the FB logo I frown at it, I can see that it needed to be commercialised but it still pisses me off.

Anyway yesterday I posted that I failed my ESA medical and am not ill enough to get the benefit (going to appeal the decision). But the fact that it went largely unnoticed did annoy me. A network of friends that get so much crap thrown at them that important things get ignored.

So for now I’ve deactivated the account, interesting to see if anyone notices, and if I find I don’t miss it will delete it in a month or so.

Jun 25 2011

Withdrawal Symptoms

Mr Stuff

Last Sunday my beloved 17 month old PS3 decided it would give me the YLOD, which is a fatal hardware failure. So I decided since it was quite young I’d take it back to the shop under the Sale of Goods act.

I figured that since it’s been shown that there are manufacturing errors shown to cause this that it would be easy, yeah right. The first guy I spoke to would not budge “12 months is our guarantee” and wouldn’t accept that the SoGA superceeds all guarantees.

Then another guy stepped in who knew more about the law. Initially I though he was going to be a dick as he started with “I covered this recently in my law studies”. But he went to the back of the shop and looked up the SoGA and came back agreeing that I had a case. Fast forward to a chat with Customer Services and they agreed to have the console fixed at their expense. So it’s currently being fixed.

This is the 2nd time I’ve done this and it never fails to surprise me how little the store folk know about their legal obligation. They know of the term statutory rights but no idea what it means.

But the blame isn’t theirs alone, the console manufacturers need to take responsibility for their product. These consoles run on the edge of failure due to the heat they generate vs cost of heating solutions, size of console and cost. MS have admitted that the RROD is a hardware fault that they are trying to fix in wach new console version, Sony won’t really acknowledge the problem.

So I’ve had no PS3 for nearly a week and it won’t be back for another. I’m rediscovering my DS but it’s not the same. Boo

Jun 16 2011

Oops I did it again

Mr Stuff

So I hit 40 not long ago and wondered what to get myself as a pressie, I thought about a new mobile or some more games but thought something more permanent would be best and a new tattoo needed to be designed, but what to get?

After much thinking I decided that I really liked the bio mech style and set about getting a design sorted with Wicked Needles in town, I didn’t want something that everyone has. After a few weeks they had the design and I booked it in.

The main issue was because of the complicated nature of it, and the amount of shading, it took 3 hours, which initially worried me but I’m determined to keep getting better at going out. So I did.

One big thing I found out while having it done was that 2 3/4 hours of tattooing is when I reach my pain threshold but I persevered and the guy did a fantastic job. It currently hurts a bit, ike a big burn, but that should only last another day or so.

But enough waffling here is the pic

Bio Mech Tattoo

Jun 8 2011

Food has turned on me

Mr Stuff

Today started out like most days, have tablets, toast and coffee. But as I bit into my toast I ended up with a mouthful of hair.

This led to 2 hours of vomiting and heaving until it settled a bit, although the thought of it still makes me gag. The worst bit is that I don’t know where the hair came from. Was it on the bread, in the toaster, on the knife, in the butter?

So as a result of that I don’t trust, no I’m scared of, all the food we have in the house. I’m currently living on crisps, hermetically sealed foods are ok, but know that can’t continue for long.

Not really what I need when I’m showing signs of recovery

Jun 3 2011

The winds of change are blowing

Mr Stuff

It may be because of the symbolic nature of my tat but I’ve been told there is a real change in my attitude towards my illness, I am no longer willing to be held prisoner.

I’ve been out to the pub more times in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 6 months, which has been great for catching up with people. I’m also being more outgoing and doing more stuff. And it feels great.

I still have very low days, anyone reading my Facebook yesterday will see that, but I’m not dwelling on them. Yesterday was bad, so what and move on. I’m seeing my psychologist on Monday and am really looking forward to giving him some good news.

Onwards & upwards.