Jul 28 2011

Prescription House time

Mr Stuff

Today I had to pick up a big prescription order, nearly ran out of most of my tablets, so figured it was time for another prescription house. Hope you enjoy it and btw this is my 6th prescription house.

Prescription House 6

Jul 27 2011

ATOS Affect

Mr Stuff

Yesterday there was a report released which dealt with the effectiveness of ATOS and the tests they carry out as part of qualifying for Employment and Support Allowance (new Incapacity Benefit). Not surprisingly the report wasn’t favourable.

To sum up the bits I’ve read it says that people undergoing the tests feel as if it’s a cost cutting measure to get them off ESA and they don’t trust the test. The number of appeals that go on to overturn the original decision is growing and the tests feel very superficial, and from personal experience I completely agree with all I’ve read.

I’ve had 2 tests done by ATOS, both said I was completely fit for work, and both of the officials doing the test failed to listen. They look at physical activities you can do, move an empty box along a table for example, and then decide that you’re not ill. In my case it doesn’t help that my condition hasn’t been properly diagnosed and the symptoms are all internal, looking at me I don’t look ill. It took no account of my pain, nausea, anxiety or the fact that food smells can send me into a vomiting fit without warning.

They also fail to take into account any evidence from primary health professionals, looking only at a 15 minute exam. Letters from doctors are only considered in the appeal process. So I feel like I’ve been forced to jump through their hoops with no regard for my health, and no regards for the psychological effect of being told you’re effectively trying it on.

I’m appealing my decision and will be getting evidence from my psychologist next week. But the whole process is deeply unpleasant at a time when I need to try to help myself as much as possible. My psychologist can’t promise to fix me but he has promised to help me with trying to deal with the symptoms better, so most likely I’ll be living with this for a long time. That’s not to say I want to be on benefits for a long time, I really want to get back to working but will need assistance in getting to that point. It’s just disappointing that the system in place to help me will always look at me as a workshy scrounger.

Jul 25 2011

Fair ’nuff I spose

Mr Stuff

The other day I was thinking to myself just how to make our garden cleaner and this morning I found the solution. Just run the hoover over it

Garden Hoovering

Jul 12 2011

New phone love

Mr Stuff

My good old HTC Tattoo was starting to get a bit pesky and playful, not updating stuff and generally being awkward, so I decided to get a new one, well 2nd hand. I’ve wanted the HTC Desire for quite a while, apparently it’s an iPhone beater, so I found a fairly cheap refurbished one and am so happy.

The processor is roughly twice as quick as the Tattoo and it runs Android 2.2, the Tattoo runs 1.6 and can’t be upgraded unless rooted, so I can install apps to the SD card. I also get a much better camera and LED flash, useful as a torch, so I can finally play about with Google Goggles and Angry Birds. Yay

Jul 12 2011

Just my luck

Mr Stuff

So I got my PS3 back from the repair company and turned it on, seemed fine. I then noticed that some of my data was showing as corrupt so I deleted it, which then caused the YLOD to re-appear. Apparently the console had gone through quality control, but I’m not convinced since I broke it within 2 mins. Maybe they just look at the outside of it.

So it’s been sent back and we’ll see what happens this time.

Jul 1 2011

Thank you

Mr Stuff

Since posting yesterday I’ve had the supportive comments as well as txt’s and That Twitter DM’s. So thank you.

In my current position I find myself constantly checking for replies to things I post, because other than take tablets there is little to do in my average day. So it’s very easy to become obsessed with any contact I can get, and yesterday the ESA rejection knocked me for 6.

With the ESA medical you are graded on things you can do and given points for things you can’t, you need 15 points to qualify. I know that without the politics of it I get more than 15 points but they will be looking at me as if I’m cheating the system. So I’ll gather medical evidence to send them, but all this fighting takes a lot out of me. And it makes me realise I’m a lot more mentally fragile than I thought.

So thanks for the supportive replies, they do mean a lot to me