Aug 24 2011

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste

Mr Stuff

I run on a very different schedule to everyone else and as a result have developed some odd quirks and habits to help me out, and they seem to work (a bit).

A while ago I started habitually putting things in my nose; toggles from hoodies, pens, anything I could find. Mrs Stuff now just gives me a ‘well done’ look but the odd thing is that it seems to help a bit. My latest habitual offering is a Vicks inhaler and the smell of menthol seems to make me feel a bit better. I don’t know if it’s because my mind has made a link that it helps me or if there’s more to it than that. So most nights while watching TV I will have the inhaler in hand and often have the inhaler in one nostril and the lid in the other.

Other rituals that seem to help are my ritual of going to the shop. I set a time when I will go and then try to work myself up to it, think of it as if I had an important interview at that time and you get the idea of how anxious I get. During the run up to going out I will do anything I can think of to try and speed up the time. Then, no matter how I’m feeling, I go to the shop. It means I get out of the house at least once a day, really important to me. I’m also trying to go to shops a bit further from home, so rather than go to the local shop I go to the Co-op which is about twice as far away, the benefit of this is that there’s a really nice bakery next door so I can get decent bread.

So it seems that my habits and rituals are helping, which is a good thing as it shows I have the ability to alter my symptoms with the power of my mind. Now I just need to build on them to become a normal person again.

Oh and BTW if you come over and I have things in my nose now you know why and it’s normal (for me)

Aug 20 2011

New Style Bird Feeder

Mr Stuff

Pepper was very playful yesterday and decided, after reading Simon’s Cat, that pretending to be a bird feeder is the best way to catch them

Bird Feeder

Aug 12 2011

I am not alone, I’m not afraid, I’m not unhappy

Mr Stuff

The words I say to myself everyday

A lot of people don’t realise but on most days the only human contact I get, other than the lovely Mrs Stuff, is the shopkeeper when I buy bread. So I do tend to try to chat to people via SMS or Twitter, often when they’re at work which I know can be annoying. But it’s not meant to be, I’m just trying to reach out and talk to someone. And often if I don’t get a reply I wonder if it was actually sent.

I’ve also been been feeling really vulnerable during this recent trouble. I have enough fear when leaving the house at the best of times so don’t need the added fear of trouble kicking off.

So if I try to get in touch and it’s not a good time I’m sorry, I’m just trying to feel less lonely.

Aug 4 2011

Stand up and be counted

Mr Stuff

There was a survey released of (alleged) smartphone use in the UK and the results are being used by the media to refer to all users. But that’s just a bit wrong.

The survey was of 2073 adults and 512 children/teens, and anyone that knows maths will know that the answers of 2585 people do not scale up to tens of millions of people. But the lazy media have decided that it’s the way.

It just annoys the crap out of me that they just can’t be bothered to do surveys properly and with a decent pool. It’s very similar to Colgate saying 300 dentists polled about the toothpaste they use means ALL dentists use it. And don’t get me started on make-up ads where they poll 50 people.

Just shite really. If you’re going to do a survey and scale the results up to tens of millions of people at least put the effort in to get enough people rather than stop when you get the percentages you want. Btw I’m not saying Ofcom did stop when they got the results they need or tweaked the figures but it does happen.