Oct 24 2011

New hobby is ace

Mr Stuff

As you’ve probably noticed I’m having a really bad time at the mo, but I’ve found that astronomy is almost the perfect distraction.

When I’m out in the back garden it’s so easy to really get into it. There is so much to look for with the binoculars and show others. Last night we were at Eors for food and seeing as it was clearish I took my bins round. While showing them Jupiter and other stuff we saw an awesome shooting star.

I’m playing about with the borrowed telescope but it’s a lot harder to find things compared to the bins. So I’ll keep on going as I haven’t even scratched the surface of stuff to look at.

Oct 14 2011

Even worse week

Mr Stuff

I started to feel that I was winning a little in my battle vs illness, but then I get a few bad weeks and feel like I’m back at square one.

I’m trying really hard to be positive but all week I’ve had hot flushes along with pain and nausea levels through the roof. Which makes it tough. I’m glad I have my tablets to make it a little easier but they just don’t do enough, even with the extra Dihydracodeine that I’m taking.

And while the days have been clearish it clouds up at night so I can’t use astronomy as a distraction.

Oct 9 2011

V bad week

Mr Stuff

This last week has been terrible, lots of pain and nausea ruling my days. I’ve also had a lot of bad mental days too, getting really paranoid, making my daily wander to the shops a big deal.

No idea where the paranoid thoughts come from but they are really hindering my efforts to fix myself. I still manage to leave the house but am back to my old way of trying to get it over with as fast as possible.

I’ve been told that a band I love is playing very locally in a few days and I really want to go but it will be tough. I’m going to leave the decision until the day of the gig to see how I’m doing but hopefully will be able to go.