Nov 21 2011


Mr Stuff

Last month my pesky illness stopped me from seeing VNV Nation at an extremely local venue, it’s well within my safe zone, and I was a little annoyed about that. So when I learnt that KMFDM were also going to be at the same venue I was determined to go. I had a ticket bought for me by a very kind Eor, for kitty sitting duties, so all I needed to do was get myself there. And that was the tough bit.

I started getting really anxious about it and my guts were doing flip flops, but I was so full of determination and had some very supportive comments from some of my Twitter friends, some of whom I had only been chatting to for a few days. So in the end my mind won out over my body and I went, and had an awesome time. The last time I saw KMFDM was back in ’97 so it was really good to see them again. Once the gig finished the anxiety kicked back in and I really had to leave, but I left with a sense of pride in myself for going.

Then on Saturday there was a knock on my door, it was my good mate Becky who had been out to a pub after the gig and caught sight of some of the band. So she had a chat with them and turned up with some of their signatures, which I have now framed and can be seen below. That really made my day.


Nov 15 2011

Some good news

Mr Stuff

The other day after the post arrived I noticed some brown envelopes on the mat. I knew they were from the DWP and my heart sank, I actually started shaking. But after opening them I felt so much better, I’ve been deemed fit for ESA.

This is such a relief after 3 years of fighting my corner, and dealing with so many psychological hits along the way.

But I’ve also been put into the get back to work group, so have an appointment at the Job Centre later this week.

In other news, can’t have good without bad, it seems that the Chronic Pain Team can’t help me anymore. I’ve been given a psychological clean bill of health, but there just isn’t anything else they can do. If I need to see them I can make another appointment in the next 6 months. So maybe time to investigate some of the more wacky treatment options.

Nov 4 2011

Still not great

Mr Stuff

Howdy, unfortunately I’m still not really feeling any better which sucks even more than I may have said it did last time. Last week I had an appointment at the General to see my Psychologist but there was no way I was going to travel that far, such was my nausea level, that I had to cancel. A new appointment has been sorted for next week and hopefully I’ll be able to get to that one.

Other than that it’s been very much business as usual for me, although I am spending more time on Twitter these days, I love it. Before I joined I thought it was just full of people talking about what they had for lunch, but I’ve found some great astronomy resources on there and they are really helpful. So my day is filled with great astrophotography and I can’t argue with that.