Mar 27 2012

Welcome back, we missed you

Mr Stuff

Over the last few days I’m happy to say there have been glimpses of the old Mr Stuff, and it has been very welcome.

With the stopping of my ESA I really needed to start doing something, as I could go to income based but wouldn’t get any money, so a solution to the financial gap was needed. So I applied for a job, and you know what? It made me so happy as I could see, for the first time in ages, a light at the end of the tunnel. There might be some glimmer of hope in the future.

So with this new found happy I also contacted one of my mates from Finblade who said there might be some work for me there in the near future. Ooh I was getting happier by the minute. And if I go self employed to this then there is also some other work I can do.

Now what to do with this new found happy me you ask. Well on saturday night I went to a stargazing event at Intech, it’s the furthest I’ve been away from the house in 4 years. On the way I did get some heartburn and anxiety but it didn’t stop me, or make me stop the car. Once there I settled down fine and had a great night.

But that’s not enough, is it? No it wasn’t. So on Sunday night I went to The Brook to see Robin Ince, again I was a bit anxious and at one point, due to an earlier chair related incident, I did fall off a stool as my leg fell asleep and stopped supporting my weight. But I had a great time.

All this activity did hit me hard on Monday and I had a really bad health day, but it wasn’t a really bad head day. So I’m hoping the old Mr Stuff stays for a bit, well for a long time really, as I’m really liking having him around

Mar 14 2012

Finger out

Mr Stuff

I had a call today, one I’ve been expecting for a week or so now, from the DWP saying that because of the new 1 year rule on contributions based ESA mine will stop next month. But I can go onto income based, except Mrs Stuff works too many hours for me to get anything. Or I could move onto JSA, but not having worked in 3 years I won’t get contributions based and the same problem arises. So what to do…

Well there is only 1 option really and that’s to try and find some part time work with people that can work around my illness, or move into a cardboard box and live in the New Forest. Hmmm what to do, what to do?

I’ll of course keep you posted on what happens