Jun 21 2012

I’m back, kinda

Mr Stuff

After a little while of being offline I’m starting to feel a bit better, so I’ve started looking at Twitter and this blog again. I’m still only looking occasionally but am feeling a bit better about it now

Jun 6 2012

Huh, oh yeah. Whatever

Mr Stuff

It seems my latest round of grumpiness has now turned to apathy, and lots of it. I have absolutely no interest in anything at the moment, and some things that would normally interest me are just making me more grumpy. I’m becoming angry with other peoples enthusiasm.

So I think I’m going to go into self enforced radio silence for a while until I can try to get back in control of my own head

Jun 4 2012

Leave me alone Mr Grumposaur

Mr Stuff

As you can maybe tell from my last post I’m a little on the grumpy side, have been for a while and I don’t know why. I have been maybe putting it down to the upped dose of amitriptyline but I’m not sure.

Yes the amitrip did mess with my head while I was taking the higher dose and seemed to make me more withdrawn, but was it all down to that? I keep forgetting that for a long time I’ve been suffering with depression and fairly severe mood swings so this may just be an another round of that.

It’s one of the things that people forget about my illness, I’ve effectively had the majority of my life taken away from me and I’m fighting hard to get it back. But that’s really tiring and, while I know I’m not, it feels like I’m fighting it alone. Which may explain some of the withdrawal from people, but that’s all guess work.

I’m still up for the fight back but be aware that I’m a bit volatile at the moment

Jun 2 2012

A double edged sword

Mr Stuff

I’ve heard a lot recently that it’s good to see the old Mr Stuff coming back, but I’m not sure people really remember what they’re in for. The old Mr Stuff I ranty and opinionated, will rarely let something stupid go unnoticed and will leap upon hypocrisy like a hungry jackal. The rants don’t have favourites and I’ve ranted to mates a lot in the past, sometimes it upsets people and I’m usually apologetic for doing that but the point still stands.

I’ve been called many names for being a bi mean, but I wear my opinions on my sleeve and am always up do a good rant. So for people saying how good it is to see me back, remember I WILL rant and there’s a chance that I may rant about you, most likely to you. And if I happens remember that’s me, it’s what I’m like and if you don’t like it then talk to ME about it, not rabbiting to people behind my back. That will just make me rant more.

And talking of rants, I’ve been ill for a long time and have had many people say to me “if I can help please let me know”, which is nice. Until I try to ask for help only to get slapped with a “sorry too busy”, which after the 3rd time I read as “I only said it to be polite”. So please don say things to me to be polite, if you don’t mean it then please don’t say it. We’ll all be better off that way