Dec 29 2012

5 Years Grumpy

Mr Stuff

I’ve hit the 5 year anniversary of my mystery illness starting and I’m nowhere near as pissed off as I expected. I’m grumpy, feel like crap and don’t want to be around people but not as bad as I thought.

I’ve had a not too bad Xmas even though I pretty much ignored it and have no real plans for new year. But I still need to get my fight back

Dec 6 2012

Now that annoys me

Mr Stuff

The news is full at the moment with news of a royal baby and how whats-her-face is suffering from terrible nausea, how very debilitating it is etc, etc. Now I don’t like the royal family to start with, I don’t follow them out of blind loyalty and find them to be a massive waste of money, effort and news coverage. In 2012 we really don’t need them.

But that’s not the bit that annoys me, all this talk of terrible nausea does. I’ve been suffering with chronic nausea for nearly 5 years and not one of the medical professionals I’ve spoken to seems to get that it is really debilitating. They just seem to think it’s a bit of an annoyance. But as soon as one of the pointless gets it they build it up as the worst illness you could ever get. I’ve said repeatedly to 2 doctors and about 10 gastroenterologists that if they can rid me of the nausea I can live with the pain, the nausea is the biggest issue. But they never get it, sigh.

Dec 3 2012

Oh She Likes Penguins

Mr Stuff

The other day there was a show on with Nigel Marvin looking at penguins on the Falklands and little Pepper took quite an interest in them. It took a little encouragement, note Mrs Stuff pointing at them, but after that she was away :)

Watching Penguins 1

Watching Penguins 2

Dec 3 2012

Big Step Backwards

Mr Stuff

I’m not sure if it’s because of all the prescription issues I’ve been having but I’ve taken a massive step backwards from where I was only a few months ago. I’ve retreated into my shell and am not going out, apart from visits to the shops or for work, and feel more isolated than I have for a long time.

I know I just need to “pull my socks up” and kick start the fight back again but it’s hard, especially when my bad days are some of the worst I’ve had in a long time. But with Xmas coming up I’m going to try my hardest to be more sociable and get out there, which I know will put a big smile on Mrs Stuff’s face and that in itself is a good reason to do it. She is really worrying about me at the moment and she really doesn’t need the extra stress. But I also need to do this for me as it will make me a lot happier.