Apr 23 2013


Mr Stuff

Last night I made it out to a local pub to support Mrs Stuff who was taking part in a burlesque dancing show, all well and good. It was hot in the little room, really hot, but that was OK as I had a cold beer. The whole show was being run by a drag queen, who was quite an imposing figure, and everytime she came through the crowd looking for volunteers I sank in my seat, but it wasn’t enough.

For obvious get out if needed reasons I was sat at the end of a row and got picked for an audience participation bit. Reluctantly I got up and got on stage to hear Mrs Stuff from offstage exclaim “That’s my husband!”. So I stood there with 3 other “volunteers” who were arranged around the stage until the performance started.

The woman who was doing the performance knew that I was on the agoraphobic side and didn’t really want to be on stage, so very early in the act she put a piece of clothing over my head. I think it’s kinda like when people catch animals and put towels over their heads so they don’t get too scared, but it worked. I have no idea what happened in the performance but felt more at ease with my head covered.

Anyway after it was all over and I sat back down I was shaking for a good 2 hours or so but actually felt good that I’d done something so far outside my comfort zone and nothing bad happened. So in a way it *might* have kinda been a good thing :)

Apr 9 2013

Bit less shiny now

Mr Stuff

It was decided that I needed to get a Jwrap for my Vamo, as it was too shiny and a fingerprint magnet. So I did, and here it be :)

Vamo R2