May 19 2013

I have confidence for once

Mr Stuff

While looking for more contracting work I accepted an offer by a good friend to help move her companies web shop from their previous CMS over to Shopify. It’s been one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. I’ve had various dealings with web work, programming tools with Perl and PHP, learning CSS etc, but never though of myself as an expert. More a jack of all, master of none.

So the team for this work was a proper web dev working inbetween real work and me doing the bulk of the work. So I did all of the importing and copying across so that the new site was a mirror of the old one and all that was left was the fiddling. I looked at some of it but there were some bits that I thought were way outside my sphere of knowledge, until I tried them.
After a bit I googling I found that liquid, the scripting language of Shopify, is so similar to the other languages I’ve tried that it was well within my bounds. So after some fiddling and frantic typing I’ve had success in all the little bits I’ve tried, and it’s done my confidence no end of good. I can do stuff, my brain hasn’t melted and it feels great.

On the back of this, and some other successes with other contracting work, I’ve kind of gone and applied for a job. I’m waiting to see if they will get back in touch and want to see my CV but its a massive step forwards