Jun 26 2013

Tough, really tough

Mr Stuff

I’m a little way into this job hunt and as expected there isn’t a lot about, but I’m still applying for a good few things in the hope that someone takes an interest.

The problem though is my experience. Back in 1992 I had an interview for a QA position in  games company, got the job and was pretty much employed in games until 2007, when I fell ill, and that’s the problem. Outside the games industry I’ve got little experience in doing stuff properly, there are the bits I’ve picked up and stuff I’ve done in the last year or so, but really anyone outside games will look at my CV and shrug their shoulders. Since 1992 I’ve only had 2 interviews, one for a non-games QA job and one for a games QA job that was mostly based in Poland (I only found out at interview), all the rest of my jobs have come from mates that know what I can do.

So as well as having mostly games based QA skills, and no interview experience I’ve not had to dust off my CV since 2002 or so. All leaving me lacking in the jobs market.

No wonder I’ve been getting more depressed lately…