Sep 19 2013

A dinosaur in the technology age

Mr Stuff

I’ve been testing games since 1992, I’m good at it and really enjoy the work. But recently I’ve had to look for QA jobs outside games, mainly due to commuting, and am surprised at what I’m finding. Automation.

I know of, and am learning, Selenium for testing web stuff but there are so many more testing suites that developers are wanting their testers to learn, and of course the programming languages to go with them. So now most QA jobs require C#, C++ or Java to be able to drive these tools, as well as £750 worth of ISTQB certification, but it still pays as badly as it always has. Within games QA has always been an entry level position with the progression through the department into a Producer role but that’s just in the games industry. Outside it the role seems to still be deemed an entry level dev job but the experience and skill levels required are well above entry level.

Suffice to say I don’t know C in any form and will see how my Selenium playing goes, but it seems that my 15 years of active QA isn’t enough to get me in the door in most cases. I have had 2 interviews with the same company in the last few weeks but haven’t heard back after the 2nd interview, and I’m thinking the lack of communication is telling me their answer.

So my choices are to learn a whole bunch of stuff that I’ve never needed before to stay in QA or move away from QA and see what else I can find