Oct 28 2013

A storm you say?

Mr Stuff

So there was a bit of a windy storm last night in Southern England and after watching some of the news coverage of it I have to say they’re doing a piss poor job.

The number of properties without power seems to be the universal gauge of weather events but the people without power know they don’t have any and the people with power don’t really care much.

They keep showing new pictures of downed trees, some of which are on cars. But a picture of a downed tree is pretty much the same as any other picture of a downed tree. It’s not adding anything to the news story and they keep asking people to send in new pictures of downed trees. Why?

They keep analysing what happened, which for meteorologists would be useful, but for news viewers is completely useless. It was a weather event that has happened and no-one had any control over it.

One of their tickers said it “advised against travel on the south west main line”, that’s a train line. So either they’re running trains and advising people not to use them or trains aren’t running. Either way it’s a bit idiotic to point it out.

They’re reporting delays on the London underground. There are ALWAYS delays on the London underground!

In conclusion BBC News 24 really needs to take a break, maybe show some videos of kittens or something else because they’re doing a proper shite job of reporting news.

Oct 25 2013

Farewell old me

Mr Stuff

Since my last post I’ve had more interest in my CV, which has been welcome. I that interest I’ve got one job that I’m still in the running for, at Microsoft no less.
Then today I had a call from one of the peeps over at OPM, a games recruiter, and a very frank and eye opening conversation happened. Given the big hole in my CV and the speed that the industry moves there is little chance of me getting back into games. So I’m left with a decision: whether to keep trying or deal with the fact that games testing is what I used to do and move on.
I’m still contracting to one developer on their current project but am thinking more and more that my future is elsewhere. So I think I’ll focus on non-games and non-testing roles, I don’t really have the relevant technical skills, and see where I get to

Oct 22 2013

There’s a hole in my shoe

Mr Stuff

And all that I knew was
The hole in my shoe which
Was letting in water

I’ve been keeping up with applying for jobs all over the place and given the results it seems I have a metaphorical hole in my shoe, the 5 years off work being ill.

While looking through other people’s CV’s in the past I’ve always gone with the theory that it doesn’t matter what your qualifications are, the most important thing is what you’ve been doing for the last 5 years. For me that’s been some work, a lot of vomiting and a lot of early nights. It’s a massive pain since before this illness I had a pretty much unbroken period of work covering 15 years of building a career in games QA that is pretty much dead now.

I’ve applied for a number of mobile games QA jobs, and not one of them has even given me an interview, not one. Given that for 5 years or so before I became ill I was running a successful mobile QA department you can kind of see why I’m a bit pissed about it.

As I’ve mentioned previously all of the other QA jobs I’ve been seeing all require programming skills since a lot of them use automated tools. I’m slowly learning my way around Selenium, one of the tools, but really don’t think that’s where my future lies. While I’ll keep an eye out for QA jobs I’m applying for all kinds of other stuff as well and will see how it goes.

There aren’t many ways of measuring your worth like applying for jobs and having people review your CV, and if the past few weeks are anything to go by I am worth fuck all.