Just shut up!

Mr Stuff

I had a bad health day yesterday, up at 4am and feeling like boiled crap. I still made it into work and did a days worth of stuff, in a way it helped as it was PAT testing with I find almost a form of meditation. But I was asked if I was ok to stay on a bit for some truck tips and I couldn’t, I was being held together by 2 cans of Monster and really couldn’t do any more. And for no good reason my head has jumped on that and is beating me silly. 

It’s been doing that a lot recently and I’m really not used to it. There have been doubts about things in the past, from what I can remember, but nothing like this. It feels like I’m at school being shouted at by a headmaster all day long and not many of my distractions are working too well. I can’t read as my head drowns it out, I’m getting little joy from playing video games since I get distracted from them by my inner voice.

So I’m going to look into ways of calming it down and CBT seems to be the first obvious choice. I just hope it can help since this is another new addition to my life that I could really do without

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