Seeya 2015

Mr Stuff

It’s been an odd year, some highs and lots of lows that kinda balanced each other out.

My illness continues to beat me up although I think I’m getting better with it now, but it can still surprise me. Despite that I’ve been trying to get out more socially with mixed results, I’ve made it out to a few big things but still seem to struggle with just going to the pub with my mates. But I have made it out to 2 gigs, PWEI and Lounge Kittens, and that’s massive.

It’s also a year where I’ve been back in touch with some important people from my past, at almost the same time that I realise I can’t remember my past. Bittersweet much. And that’s been my biggest blow of 2015, I can clearly remember the past few years, vaguely remember back to getting married in 2005 but not much before that. I’ve spoken to people who knew me then, each telling stories of our past, but none of them have triggered any memories of the past. But I’m seeing a neurologist in February and really hope I can get to the bottom of this and that it’s nothing scary. I know my long term illness is serious but not life threatening but this memory loss is a big unknown and scares the hell out of me.

It’s also because of this memory issue and the resulting emotional state that I’ve been a lot more honest with people in the latter half of this year. It’s become important to me that people know how I feel, not that I’ve ever been shy about expressing my opinions. At times it makes for some uncomfortable conversations but it’s not been anything surprising so far, and I’m also aware that I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings just to make me feel a little better.

Anyway come on 2016, I’m interested to see what you’ve got planned for me…

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