Feb 26 2012

Silver Lining

Mr Stuff

Hello there, realised it’s been ages since I last blogged anything so here’s an update and stuff :)

For the last month or so my illness has been going nuts, lots of bad days, early mornings and the like, not a lot of fun. And this morning I was up at 4am thanks to Pepper kindly vomiting on the bed, although to be fair to her I was just about to get up anyway. But it didn’t help.

So I was up early, ho hum. I’ve probably mentioned before that early morning TV is hateful and I will do almost anything to not watch it, so seeing it was clear out I set up the telescope to cool down. Once it was cooled I saw an opportunity to have a peek at Saturn, and she was looking really nice. So I thought why don’t I try taking a pic?

It sounds like a really easy thing to do, just poke the phone camera at the eyepiece and away you go, but it’s not that easy. You need to try and make sure that the camera is pointing directly into the eyepiece, not easy when the camera is flush to the back of the phone and you can’t see it. To make it harder I was using a 6.5mm eyepiece which has a really small hole to look into, then add in that Saturn is moving and only remains in the centre of the view for about 20 seconds. So there is a lot of adjusting the scope and trying to line up the camera.

I was at this for about 90 mins and in that time took about 10 pics and 2 video’s, hoping there was at least one good frame in there, and there was. The last picture that I took before trying the video’s, and before Saturn vanished behind the flats next door, was spot on. In fact I can say I’m blown away by it.

Since putting the picture onto Twitter I’ve had numerous retweets, thanks to @Peoplesastro, lots of really nice comments and a few new followers. But I’ve kind of made a rod for my own back since this is my 1st real go at astrophotography and IMO it’s a blinder, I hope I can follow it up :)

So enough of that, here is the pic in question. I hope you like it.


Dec 9 2011

I Passed :)

Mr Stuff

I got the results of the OU course Introducing Astronomy today and I passed it, yay.

On the whole the marking of my work resulted in an “Achieved” result with 1 “Well Achieved” and 2 “Not quite achieved”, I didn’t quite get the question. So now to see if I want to do another one and if so which one?

Woo Yay

Dec 5 2011

Getting Chilly

Mr Stuff

Brrr it’s getting a bit chilly out there but with chilly nights come clear skies, which I love. Last night I was out and about with the telescope looking for stuff, unfortunately the moon was very bright which washed out a lot of the dimmer stars but there was still a lot to see.

Once it made it past the neighbours huge eucalyptus tree I got a great view of Orion, my favourite constellation. Betelgeuse was excellent and orange and I got a peek at the Orion nebula. I’m hoping it’s going to be clear tonight as well as I am making a short list of things to keep an eye out for.

BTW here is me all ready to take on the cold and see stuff :)

Astro Guy

Nov 4 2011

Still not great

Mr Stuff

Howdy, unfortunately I’m still not really feeling any better which sucks even more than I may have said it did last time. Last week I had an appointment at the General to see my Psychologist but there was no way I was going to travel that far, such was my nausea level, that I had to cancel. A new appointment has been sorted for next week and hopefully I’ll be able to get to that one.

Other than that it’s been very much business as usual for me, although I am spending more time on Twitter these days, I love it. Before I joined I thought it was just full of people talking about what they had for lunch, but I’ve found some great astronomy resources on there and they are really helpful. So my day is filled with great astrophotography and I can’t argue with that.

Sep 19 2011

Astronomy Update

Mr Stuff

The last month has been tough so my course has taken a bit of a back seat but I’ve nearly finished it and have just over a month to get the assessment in. Learning lots of interesting stuff but am currently unsure whether I will continue with another course after this one, cost and working hard to fix myself being the biggest factors.

But in the gaps between cloudy days, been a lot of them recently, I have managed to spy some cool stuff with my binoculars. I’ve seen Andromeda, and shown it to others, tried to spy a comet and had a glimpse of the Orion Nebula.

Once the clocks go back and it gets proper dark again I am going to borrow my neighbours telescope to get a better view of stuff. There is also talk of a few folk going on a small field trip to get away from the light pollution of Southampton and see what we can find.

I’m partly annoyed that I didn’t have this interest in science and stuff 20 years ago but better late than never.