Jun 26 2013

Tough, really tough

Mr Stuff

I’m a little way into this job hunt and as expected there isn’t a lot about, but I’m still applying for a good few things in the hope that someone takes an interest.

The problem though is my experience. Back in 1992 I had an interview for a QA position in  games company, got the job and was pretty much employed in games until 2007, when I fell ill, and that’s the problem. Outside the games industry I’ve got little experience in doing stuff properly, there are the bits I’ve picked up and stuff I’ve done in the last year or so, but really anyone outside games will look at my CV and shrug their shoulders. Since 1992 I’ve only had 2 interviews, one for a non-games QA job and one for a games QA job that was mostly based in Poland (I only found out at interview), all the rest of my jobs have come from mates that know what I can do.

So as well as having mostly games based QA skills, and no interview experience I’ve not had to dust off my CV since 2002 or so. All leaving me lacking in the jobs market.

No wonder I’ve been getting more depressed lately…

Jul 12 2011

Just my luck

Mr Stuff

So I got my PS3 back from the repair company and turned it on, seemed fine. I then noticed that some of my data was showing as corrupt so I deleted it, which then caused the YLOD to re-appear. Apparently the console had gone through quality control, but I’m not convinced since I broke it within 2 mins. Maybe they just look at the outside of it.

So it’s been sent back and we’ll see what happens this time.

Jun 25 2011

Withdrawal Symptoms

Mr Stuff

Last Sunday my beloved 17 month old PS3 decided it would give me the YLOD, which is a fatal hardware failure. So I decided since it was quite young I’d take it back to the shop under the Sale of Goods act.

I figured that since it’s been shown that there are manufacturing errors shown to cause this that it would be easy, yeah right. The first guy I spoke to would not budge “12 months is our guarantee” and wouldn’t accept that the SoGA superceeds all guarantees.

Then another guy stepped in who knew more about the law. Initially I though he was going to be a dick as he started with “I covered this recently in my law studies”. But he went to the back of the shop and looked up the SoGA and came back agreeing that I had a case. Fast forward to a chat with Customer Services and they agreed to have the console fixed at their expense. So it’s currently being fixed.

This is the 2nd time I’ve done this and it never fails to surprise me how little the store folk know about their legal obligation. They know of the term statutory rights but no idea what it means.

But the blame isn’t theirs alone, the console manufacturers need to take responsibility for their product. These consoles run on the edge of failure due to the heat they generate vs cost of heating solutions, size of console and cost. MS have admitted that the RROD is a hardware fault that they are trying to fix in wach new console version, Sony won’t really acknowledge the problem.

So I’ve had no PS3 for nearly a week and it won’t be back for another. I’m rediscovering my DS but it’s not the same. Boo

Mar 5 2011

I am hardcore. Bang, bang, pew, pew

Mr Stuff

The last few days have included some of the most stressful gaming moments I’ve ever had, but it was worth it.

I’ve been playing through Dead Space 2 and unlocked Hardcore mode where you only get 3 saves for the entire game and no checkpoints, if you die you go back to your previous save, so no room for error. So I gave it a go and after my first death about 20 minutes in when Pepper jumped onto me I started pausing the game when she entered the room. The game is 15 chapters long and I saved at 3, 7 and 11 which worked fine for me although I did die in Chapter 10 and have to replay 2 hours worth of gameplay to catch up, and during that catch up I nearly died twice, but all OK in the end.

So earlier today I finished it and unlocked probably one of the best unlocks I’ve seen in gaming, the awesome hand cannon. Don’t just take my word for it check it out.

Mar 19 2010

Too much choice

Mr Stuff

KratosToday is the release day of God of War III so I wandered out to get a copy since I played the first one years ago and really liked it. But when I got back home there was a package on the floor, which was my copy of the God of War Collection, which has GOWI and GOWII on it, so now I have all 3 and don’t know whether to start with the first one (which I played years ago) and work my way through them or start at 3 then play the other 2.

Bah the decisions I have to make

Feb 25 2010

Might as well face it I’m addicted to Borderlands

Mr Stuff

BorderlandsOne of the last games I got for my 360 was Borderlands, a Mad Max style FPS RPG type thing, and I can’t stop playing it. When I got my PS3 I got a copy and it is the first game I have a platinum trophy for, the PS3 trophy system gives you a platinum trophy for getting all the other trophies, similar to getting all 1000 points on a 360 game.

The thing that keeps me coming back is that the game generates the stats for all the guns as it goes, with apparently millions of different combinations, so there is always something new to play for. The developers are also keeping the DLC (downloadable content) going with the third being released today.

So if you like Mad Max style FPS RPG type things then I would definitely recommend this

Jan 8 2010

Gone to the Sony side

Mr Stuff

For a while now I’ve been concerned that my 360 will RROD or E74 whenever I turn it on (these are catastrophic hardware failures for those that don’t know) and have been thinking of changing over to a PS3. Well today I did it, traded in my 360 and games for a shiny PS3 slim and new games.

I’ve only just started playing with it but the interface is quite nice and I’ll see how I get on. So farewell Senor Stuff with gamerscore of just over 40,000 and hello senor_stuff with no trophies (as yet)

Nov 20 2009

Games n Stuff

Mr Stuff

It’s been a while since I last updated on my increasing gamerscore and current games so here you go.

My gamerscore is now up to just over 39,000 and should break the 40,000 barrier by the end of the month due to the achievements I have to get on my current games, which is nice.

As for games I have been through a few in the last few months but have been trading like the wind and am currently down to just 3 games but they are good ones. I have Ghostbusters, written by and starring the original cast, and it is awesome as I get to play with a proton pack and blow shit up.

Next we have Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which is probably one of if not the best first person shooters about at the mo, and I love it. There was some controversy when it was released due to one level where you go to an airport with a few terrorist mates and kill a lot of innocent civilians. It’s all part of the story as you are undercover with the terrorist organisation, but it is a little unsettling to kill all the innocents, but they gave the game an update so you can skip the mission if you want to.

Lastly we have the sequel to one of my favourite games of the last few years, Assassin’s Creed. I’ve only just started playing it, it only came out this morning, but so far it is looking good.

Sep 22 2009

Now that impressed me

Mr Stuff

Shadow ComplexThe other day I was looking for a new game to play and came across the demo of Shadow Complex, an Xbox Live Arcade title and kinda liked it so I thought I’d get myself some MS points and give it a go. It costs 1200 points (about £10 or so) and have to say I’m well impressed.

It’s a side scrolling platformer very much inspired by Super Metroid and Castlevania, 2 games that I love. My initial playthrough took me about 8 hours or so as I wanted to get 100% of the items which is more time that I have spent on some full price retail games. If it was about twice the size then I could see it as a proper retail release and I would buy it.

So if you have 1200 MS points burning a hole in your virtual wallet then I would definitely recommend this if you like platformers.

Aug 29 2009


Mr Stuff


So I got me a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum and so far it is living up to the hype very well. The combat is just awesome when you get a combo flowing, jumping form bad guy to bad guy taking them down with ease. So I heartily recommend it to anyone with a 360 or PS3.

The game plot involves the Joker being caught by Batman and taken to Arkham, which by coincidence is filled with Joker’s goons transferred from another prison after a fire, which it turns out was a deliberate plan by the Joker to take over Arkham. The Joker has apparently planted bombs all around Gotham which he will detonate if anyone tries to get to the island, but you later find out that the bombs are filled with marzipan and kittens (no really), and that made me laugh. So you wander about trying your best to put the bad guys back where they belong while dealing with scores of goons. There are gadgets aplenty and a big area to wander about in, all in all a great game.

I’m only about 33% through the game so far as I’m taking my time to find some of the 240 ‘riddles’ that the Riddler has placed around the island. Some of the riddles are actual riddles that you need to solve by finding an object, while others are Riddler trophies, interviews with the enemies, maps and Arkham memories. So lots to find, and some of the interviews are awesome.

So well worth the wait and here is a pic I took after dealing with a rather nasty little sniper, he got what he deserved however painful it looks

Dealing with a sniper Batman style