Jun 13 2009

It’s nearly my perfect game

Mr Stuff

Alex Mercer - PrototypeA little while ago I was looking about for which games were being released in the next few months and came across Prototype which sounded like it was kinda fun. So I picked up a copy yesterday and have to say it’s almost my perfect game and I shall now explain why.

You play as Alex Mercer who has been infected with some kind of virus, not far enough into the story to know much more than that, but has lost his memory. He wakes up on a morgue table and goes about trying to find out what happened to him. As a result of his infection Alex has some shape-shifting abilities (which is where all the fun lies) and uses these to help him find out what is going on. The first ability you use is how to consume people  during which you take on their appearance as well as their memories and abilities, later you consume a tank driver and from then on know how to drive a tank. This is really useful since if you consume a soldier you can then wander about in their bases without anyone taking any notice of you.

But just being able to look like someone else isn’t that much fun so we’ll moe onto the better abilities. Alex can turn his hands into claws, turn one of his hands into a whip, turn his hands to stone, turn one of his hands into a blade, run up the side of buildings and glide for a limited time to name but a few, and since all of this takes place in an open world slice of New York the possibilities are endless. There are always lots of civilians and infected for you to play with whether you carry them to the top of the highest building and throw them off or run through the streets knocking them all flying with your shield (which I did for about 20 minutes after getting the shield and it was great fun).

I really liked Crackdown but thought you really needed more powers and this game delivers on that in spades. There is just too much stuff you can do for me to go through it all so here is a vid I found with 10 reasons why you need to have this game. But beware if you have small children this game may not be for them, there is a lot of violence, slicing people into pieces and bad language (I’m mainly thinking you you there Ferg because you would love this game)

Apr 28 2009

Riddick is hard as

Mr Stuff


For a while now I’ve been waiting for the new Riddick game and it arrived last week, so I got it fairly cheap with some trade-ins, and am loving it so far.

The game follows the fortunes of Riddick, the anti-hero from Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick, as he is captured and traded by the merc Johns. There are 2 campaigns to play through, a remake of the Xbox classic Escape from Butcher Bay, and a new campaign Assault from Dark Athena.

So far I’ve only played through EfBB and it’s so much fun, the game has a lot of stealth elements where you shoot out all the lights so that you can take advantage of your ability to see in the dark. Then wander up behind a hapless guard and stick a screwdriver into his neck, sweet. If the guard spots you then you can duke it out with them and use some great counter-attacks if your timing is good, with one of them I managed to catch his punch and stick a shiv into his mouth :). I’ve just started playing through AoDA so I don’t really have a proper opinion on how good it is yet but it has started off well.

Mar 26 2009

Resi 5

Mr Stuff

Resi 5 box art

I was initially unsure about getting Resi 5 because I really didn’t like the demo, but I gave it a go since I needed something new to play and am really glad I did. It’s really good fun, especially once you unlock infinite ammo for all your guns.

I’ve played through the game on most of the difficulty levels and am now tackling the hardest difficulty, where i hit will pretty much kill you so I try not to get hit. This can be a bit tricky since you can’t move and aim your gun at the same time, you stand still and aim it about, so unlike Gears you can’t walk backwards firing rounds off into the bad guys. But once you get used to this it’s not so bad, just make sure you don’t get surrounded.

There has been much talk of the race issues surrounding the game since it is set in Africa and you control a white American shooting at black Africans but to be honest I don’t see it that way. You aren’t killing the people because of their colour or race but because of a virus outbreak, there is no hate behind the choice of enemies it was just a choice of location for the game.

So all in all it’s top fun.


if anyone wants to play co-op drop me a message on XBL Scratch that, I’ve gotten my 1000 gamerpoints and traded it while it still had a good trade in value

Nov 17 2008

You’re really growing on me

Mr Stuff

I picked The Darkness up cheaply because I was looking for something new and it was cheap.

The games main character is a hit-man for the mob who it turns out has demonic powers, which is nice, that help him to fight the bad guys. The bad guys are other mobsters who deserve a good demonic kicking.
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Nov 17 2008

All over this land. All over this wasteland

Mr Stuff

I like Role Playing Games since they usually give you better options in an open world, everyone gets bored on just one path, so I picked up Fallout 3.
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Nov 17 2008

Demons over there. Kill they ass

Mr Stuff

Master Ninja Gamerpic

Some people call me a twitch gamer and I think I would have to agree, so when I played the demo of Ninja Gaiden II I fell in love with it. It is fast paced and full of dismemberment, what’s not to love.
There isn’t much story to go with so I won’t go into it, but let’s just say you need to go from A to B killing boss Fiends along the way.

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