Jun 5 2009

Bionic Commando

Mr Stuff

As a birthday present from my parents I got a copy of Bionic Commando for the 360 and have to say it’s great fun. You play a guy with a bionic arm that extends so that you can grab onto things order to swing about or throw stuff about, top fun. But better than that is 2 of the best achievement names I’ve come across which are detailed below.

There are 3 difficulty levels you can play on – Normal, Hard and Commando and these are the achievements for finishing the 2 higher difficulty levels. They made me laugh

BC - hard

BC - commando

May 9 2009

30k and still going

Mr Stuff

30k gamerpicI’ve gone through quite a lot of games in the last few months and as a result my gamerscore has now broken 30,000. Yay for the achievement whore in me :)

Mar 4 2009

And Gears 2 now beaten on Insane

Mr Stuff

gears2insaneSome may say I have too much time on my hands but I just beat Gears of War 2 on insane on my own (you can play it co-op). It was quite satisfying, especially when you get to the end and run around on the Brumak knowing that you have pretty much finished it and are quite invincible. One of my favourite gaming feelings of all time I might say.

And because I’d only finished the game on casual before I got a nice 275 gamerpoints for finishing insane. Sweet

Feb 4 2009

Gamerscore up to 25,000

Mr Stuff


Wahey I’m up to 25,000 gamerpoints which makes me happy, especially as I am dead on 25,000.

Thanks to 1000 points on Dead Space and Tomb Raider I am now up to 14 retail games at 1000 points and I arcade game at 200 points, so 15 games maxed out (not including DLC).

Jan 17 2009

While playing Tomb Raider

Mr Stuff

The other day I wandered round to see my good mate Mr Wozza (Wozman, Tronic, Wozmatronic, Woz, he goes by many names) and he lent me some games to play, one of which was the latest Tomb Raider game. So today I was giving it a play and came across some quite angry lizards that wanted to kill me, so being the animal friendly guy I am I threw a sticky grenade onto one of them. It was a kind way to put them out of their misery as it was quick and relatively painless, honest. But after the dust settled it looks as though the lizards decided that hiding was the best option and in the great tradition of ostriches they stuck their heads in the sand.

I also really like the way Lara is standing, kinda like she’s thinking “Oh what have you done now?”

hiding_lizards_thumbPS: I also got an achievement for killing all three with one grenade, result đŸ˜€

Dec 17 2008

More gaming news

Mr Stuff

gamerpic_2Well everyone, especially Kiwi, will be hapy to know that my E-penis is growing. In recent weeks I have completed and got all achievements for Fallout 3 and Prince of Persia. Just now need to finish off the last achievements for Ninja Gaiden II and Saints Row 2 and I will have all available achievements for my current library of games.

Well it makes me happy :)