May 2 2009


Mr Stuff

I was happily watching some TV when I got bored and started channel surfing. That’s when I came across the show ‘More Industrial Revelations Europe’ on Discovery, to be honest the show is a bit dull but that’s not what made me sit up. I recognised the guy presenting the show and it took me a minute or so to realise he’s the Grolsch Schtop guy, whose name is Ronald Top in case you were wondering. After some looking around I can’t seem to find the excellent Grolsch porn advert (“where is his moustache?”) but found this one instead, which is almost as good.

Jan 25 2009

Bring On The Trumpets

Mr Stuff

There aren’t too many things that make me happy these days but insane teddy bear sweets are right up there. Enjoy.


Dec 16 2008

Some Music help needed

Mr Stuff

This has been bugging me for years, no really years, and I’m still no closer to a solution so I’m going to ask for some help.

A few years ago I saw an advert on Sky for National Geographic and it had a catchy tune that I quite liked, but couldn’t find out what it was. I Googled it and searched ‘Commercial Breaks and Beats’, the site that usually answers my questions on advert music, but no luck. No-one but me seemed to have seen the advert.

Then someone, not sure who but someone I knew, said that they thought they’d seen it and it sounded like The Flaming Lips. So I was potentially closer and now just needed a track name and I’d be sorted. Anyway I forgot about it for a bit until Mrs Stuff came back from work with a Flaming Lips album that she had been given by them for sorting out their tour stuff, signed and everything, so I scanned through the tracks and there it was. But there was voices on it, the advert was an instrumental and I prefer it without the voices. Anyway now I know the artist and track name but not where to get hold of an instrumental version.

Sky are now using it on one of their Christmas film adverts, they have shown the advert on Sky News since I started writing this, just to taunt me. So the need to try and get hold of the track is now back in my head.

So if anyone can help I’m looking for an instrumental version of Do You Realize?? by the Flaming Lips, here is the advert in case you were wondering what it sounds like.