Jun 7 2010

Colour me impressed

Mr Stuff

Yesterday I was having a look through the latest free apps for my phone and came across ShapeWriter, which is just plain awesome. It is a different way of typing on your touch screen phone where instead of tapping each letter you draw between them. It takes a little getting used to but is really growing on me. It gives you suggestions of each word and so far have found that the default is the one I was going for, the suggestions also automatically include double letter so if you draw ‘fot’ it will suggest ‘foot’.

There are other similar apps out there but this is the only free one and I love it.

Jun 4 2010

Droid Apps

Mr Stuff

Since getting an Android phone I’ve been a regular visitor to the app store to get great new toys for my new toy and here are some examples of my current 2 faves.

Pepper Wiregoggles A picture of Pepper taken using Wiregoggles
Lisa Snail A snail picture drawn by Lisa in Magic Marker