Apr 24 2011

Good time & good mates

Mr Stuff

I went to a bbq yesterday and was quite anxious about it. It was at a house that I’ve been to a lot, Mrs Stuff was living there when we first met, but it’s not one of my safe zones. But it turns out that I needn’t have worried.

I felt a little uncomfortable, staying on the fringes of the group, but had a great time and was away from the house for a lot longer than I expected. And it was mainly down to the great company.

I wasn’t asked how I was doing every 2 minutes which gave me time to almost forget about about the symptoms. Good conversation makes for a good distraction.

So thanks all for a great time and hoping that today’s bbq is as good.

Mar 23 2009

First BBQ of the year

Mr Stuff

It was a lovely sunny weekend and Mrs Buurd decided that Saturday was the perfect day to have the first bbq of the year, and she was right. The plan was to have the bbq early so that it was all done and dusted before the sun went down and it got cold which again was a good plan.The bbq was lit at about 12.30 or so and it was a really nice day, when it started to get cold the fire pit was lit and we sat around it toasting marshmallows.

It was a really good day and I felt a bit more like myself again, maybe because of the change of surroundings, the sunny weather or perhaps the beer had something to do with it. But I had some good chats with Buurd, Kiwi and Bella. So thanks Buurd for a fine bbq.