Jan 20 2009

Mr Stuff 2 – Blockbuster 0

Mr Stuff

gearsofwar2I decided, after a chat with Mr Woz, that I would give Gears 2 a try. I didn’t get on with the first one but have been assured that the bit I hated isn’t in this second game. So I wandered to Blockbuster with 2 games to trade in, I was getting a bit tired of both of them, hoping that I would get a decent price for them.

Anyway while wandering around the shop I saw that it had gone back up to full price, it has been on sale for the last month at £29.99 instead of £39.99, but they had one copy out on the shelves at the sale price. Given my past history of winning with customer rights at Blockbuster (my previous win can be found here) I thought I had a good chance of getting the game at the cheaper price, and I did.

I also got £26 for the games I traded in (Quantum of Solace and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts) so in the end it cost me £4. Nice, now let’s hope it’s as good as I have been told it is :)

Nov 17 2008

My moment of glory

Mr Stuff

The other day I was playing a bit of Fallout 3 on my 360 when it all went a bit wrong, the screen went very orange with purple streaks where there were streaks of light. I thought this was a bit odd so I reset the console which gave me the dreaded Red Rings of Death. Arse I thought since during my year of pain the 360 was my best friend, always willing to entertain me when I got up at 3am.

So I left the 360 alone overnight and the next morning it would start up but there was no picture through any of the outputs. This was clearly not right and I needed to get it sorted, I thought the 360 was just over its 1st birthday so I started looking into sending it off to Microsoft to be fixed. For this I needed a receipt which took me to Blockbuster since I would not find the one I was given and I knew that the purchase would have been put onto my account. Unfortunately the Assistant Manager informed me that their in-house system only covers the last 6 months, no receipt for me then.
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