May 6 2009

Pepper Playtime

Mr Stuff

Last night Pepper was very active and wanted to play lots so we had a play while watching a film. She decided that she would hide behind the magazine rack so I tried to tempt her out but rather than come round the side of it she flattened herself and went underneath it, it was quite funny so I took a picture.

Flattened under the magazine rack

But Mrs Stuff decided that the picture didn’t quite capture the scene and wanted to take one as well and managed to get quite a shine off Pepper’s eyes. I’m not sure if she looks more hypnotic, demonic or robotic but it’s a great pic.

Omen Eyes

Apr 14 2009

Calling all cat trainers

Mr Stuff

I know there isn’t such a thing but we really need to stop Pepper waking us up at 4am every morning. I know that me getting up every other day only reinforces to her that it is a good thing but that’s only because I feel so crap that I would have gotten up anyway. I think she does it because of the way our sleep cycles work and she probably hears us stirring and thinks it means we’re ready to get up, or at least give her some attention.

It doesn’t help too much that when she is in her padding and purring frenzy she will often pad on my stomach which only makes me feel worse. Yesterday morning I had the duvet pulled up to just under my chin and she was padding on my neck, which was somewhat uncomfortable.

So if anyone has any good ideas on how to stop her from doing it I would appreciate the feedback.

Apr 9 2009

She’s also living in a box

Mr Stuff

Pepper is literally living in a cardboard box. As if to mirror my metaphor of living in a bubble Pepper has decided that she is going to slum it and live in an actual cardboard box. Bless her little cotton socks.

Living in a box 1Living in a box 2

Apr 4 2009

Pepper’s day out

Mr Stuff

We let Pepper out today for the first time and it was ace. I thought that she’d be quite scared and cautious about being outside but far from it. Within 5 minutes she was in the neighbour’s garden and was in there for about 20 minutes before she finally came back. Then the kitten from the other neighbour came over to play and they had a little stand off, there was no grumbling or anything, they just spent 20 minutes walking slowly down the garden with the occasional stop. Once the kitten had gone back into its garden Pepper went back to running up and down the garden like a loony. Next came a climb up the lilac tree and more running around.

All in all she had a really good exciting day and is slowly learning about the cat flap, so we’ll try to teach her how to use it again tomorrow.

Being let outI'm free

Meeting kitten 1In the tree 2

On the fence

Apr 1 2009

She is desperate to go out

Mr Stuff

Pepper is becoming desperate to go outside right now, she’s explored everything in the house and wants more. She spends a lot of time sitting on window sills staring out of the window. But the good news for her is that tomorrow she gets her last load of jabs and after that will be able to go outside, so hopefully we will let her out on Saturday and teach her how to use the cat flap.

JailbreakSunny kitty

Feb 28 2009

Laser pen makes for happy miss

Mr Stuff

Little pepper is currently on heat which looks a lot more distressing that it actually is. She meows a lot to attract a mate but hearing all that noise makes you think she is in discomfort. So we are trying lots of different things to try and keep her distracted until next week when we will take her to the vet to be spayed, all part of the plan to let her outside.

The best distraction we have found so far is the use of the laser pen on the slippery laminate floor, she does some awesome handbrake turns :)

Feb 19 2009

Pepper diary: day 6

Mr Stuff

Pepper is settling in very well and has become very comfortable in the house, which is great news. She will usually start her day by running around the house at 100mph bouncing off everything she can find, then she will become bouncy and jump all over the bed which I think is her way of telling us she is awake and hungry. So we give her some food and she calms down a little.The rest of the day is spent with a mix of sleeping, playing and exploring all the surfaces to see if she missed anything.

She has had a good few visitors and is unphased by them all which is ace. So we’ll leave it for another few days or so before registering her with a vet so she can be neutered and have those pesky booster jabs. But all is currently well and happy in the world of little Pepper :)

Feb 14 2009

Say hello to Pepper

Mr Stuff

The latest addition to the Stuff household has arrived and was initially very scared but we have moved her upstairs so she can get used to the house and she has perked up a lot. Here she is wandering about on the top of the futon, it’s a little blurry because she didn’t want to stop and pose for the pic.


Feb 13 2009

Some good and bad news

Mr Stuff

I’ll start with the bad news, I woke up at about 4.30 this morning in a lot of pain, a hell of a lot of pain, and after some investigation it looks as though I’ve gone and given myself a pressure sore (think bed sore) from all of my inactivity in the last few months. It seems to have come about from my level of inactivity, de-hydration from all the coffee I’ve been drinking and my crap diet. Suffice to say it’s excruciatingly painful and I’m not happy about it.

But on the plus side we are going to get a new little kitty. Lisa, our niece, needs to find a home for a lovely little kitty she has so we are going to take her on for a trial period to see how we get on. Her name is Pepper and she’s about 6 1/2 months and by all accounts is quite a handful. I’m quite looing forward to having a cat again and it’ll be interesting to see just how hectic she is