Dec 11 2008

Each to their own medium

Mr Stuff

I have been thinking recently, after a chat I had with Mrs Stuff, about how I am uncomfortable discussing my feelings and thoughts in person but quite happy to put it all on here or when chatting on IM. I’m also communicating more with my Mum through this blog than I have been on the phone or in person.

I’ve never been too comfortable opening up to people, a trait that I think I have inherited from my Dad. He is a Yorkshireman who doesn’t show his feelings a lot and would rather just get things done than chat about them. I remember getting a lovely text from him after our wedding saying how happy and proud he was because he wasn’t comfortable saying it face to face.

Maybe it’s the lack of instant interaction or the fact that I can hide behind my screen when typing this but I just feel more comfortable putting stuff up here that I know is being read by people that I should probably chat to. Maybe it’s just that I am comfortable with the technology and use it to get a message out to a wider audience in one go. Or maybe I’m just a miserable old git who uses this to pretend he has more friends than he actually has :)

Anyway the main thing that brought this to mind, and made me write this, was seeing my Dad yesterday during his Mum’s funeral and not feeling comfortable saying anything to try and comfort him. So Dad, if you’re reading (and I’m sure Mum will make you read this) I’m really sorry about Grandma and hope you are dealing with it OK. If you need anything you know you can give me a call and I love you.

Dec 6 2008


Mr Stuff

On Thursday night my parents popped round to say Hi and drop stuff off, and it was nice to see them. Even though they only live on the other side of town I am not the best at popping over to say hello, as I’m sure they will agree.

Anyway they dropped off some advent calendars for me and Mrs Stuff, I have a Kinder one and Mrs has a Pooh bear one, since my Mum loves her chocolatey advent calendars. But better than that they also dropped off a dozen eggs from their chickens, mmm proper free range happy chicken eggs. So we had some this morning and they are very tasty with bacon. My Mum said that the chickens really like garlic bread so I’ll see if any of them taste a bit garlicy

Nov 22 2008

To stop them or not?

Mr Stuff

After one day of not taking my horse tranquilisers I was in some discomfort yesterday, the abdominal pain wouldn’t go away so last night I took my amitripltiline and slept through until about 11 this morning. Even 2 phone calls to Mrs Stuff at about 8 ish and a call on my phone couldn’t get me out of my slumber, I vaguely remember the calls happening but not enough to register.

Today the pain is a lot less so it could be that these tablets are working wonders or maybe it’s just coincidence.

I spoke to my Mum this morning and the subject of them came up and she suggested I take them earlier in the evening to sort out the hangover effect they are giving me. I am going to try that, she is a nurse who gives this medication to her patients, but mainly because as we all know Mum’s never give out bad advice :) So I’ll try to take them at about 6 or 7 with some food and see how it goes.

Nov 22 2008

RIP Grandma

Mr Stuff

At 4am this morning my paternal Grandma died, she had been in hospital for the last 2 weeks or so and was expected to pass away about a week ago.

I will always remember her for being the person who introduced me to sherry at a young age.

Rest in Peace