Dec 20 2008

Ghost Dog

Mr Stuff

Mrs Stuff was off seeing the Pogues last night so I looked through the DVD collection to see what I could find to entertain me and came across Ghost Dog. I don’t know if I borrowed it from someone or I bought it but hadn’t seen it before so I gave it a go.

It’s an odd tale of a hired assassin who is hired by the mafia to kill another mafia guy, which he does. But there is a girl there who shouldn’t be, but he doesn’t kill her. Anyway for some reason this causes the mafia guys to turn on him except they don’t really know who he is. Yeah I got a bit lost too.

Anyway Forest Whitaker plays the assassin and likes to live the Way of the Samurai, including a little flurry when he put his gun back in the holster. This flurry works well when Jet Li does it with a sword but it doesn’t look so good when it’s a silenced pistol, in fact it looks a little sad.

All in all it wasn’t the kind of film I was looking to watch and I nearly gave up a few times while watching it so can’t really recommend it.